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The popular fast food chain must consistently hire new and motivated workers to fill various roles within the company as the network of EAT locations continues to grow. Job seekers looking for work in the fast food industry should fill out an online application form with EAT now. EAT regularly conducts hiring for entry-level positions involving customer service and food preparation. Other available job titles include careers in management and other corporate capacities. Contact a local EAT location to find meaningful fast food jobs now.

Popular EAT Positions and Salary Info
Employment opportunities available at Eat locations break down into three categories: customer service, food preparation, and management. Oftentimes, EAT positions share work responsibilities with other job titles. Workers must stand at least 16 years old and possess genuine, friendly personalities to receive hiring consideration. EAT jobs feature fast-paced work settings and strict health and safety regulations. Applicants must pass mandatory physical and background examinations as required by law. Popular positions for hire at EAT locations include:

Customer Host – Applicants in search of part-time, entry-level work may take interest in EAT customer host jobs. Also available in full-time shift opportunities, customer host jobs involve greeting patrons, operating cash registers, preparing drinks, and assisting in food preparation. Customer hosts also maintain clean work and dining environments and replenish food inventories as needed. Friendly, engaging, and energetic workers often represent the best candidates for EAT customer host jobs. EAT also looks for workers with strong memorization skills and team-oriented attitudes. Providing fast, efficient, and memorable service serve as primary objectives of customer host employees. Pay scales start out at minimum wage for customer host associates. Increases in hourly pay may occur with experience gained and time spent with the company.

Kitchen Team Member – Other entry-level employment opportunities available at EAT locations include kitchen team member jobs. The position of kitchen team member entails preparing food items cooked to order using commercial kitchen equipment, such as large grills, stove tops, ovens, fryers, and presses. EAT imposes strict health and safety regulations for the preparation and handling of food. Kitchen team member employees must adhere to health and safety regulations at all times, while preparing food in timely manners. Professional culinary training or experience working in commercial kitchens may aid prospective associates during the EAT hiring process. At start, EAT kitchen team members earn between minimum wage and £8.00 an hour. Experienced workers may earn as much as £10.00 per hour.

Management – Full-time job seekers should apply for career opportunities in management at EAT locations. Applicants 18 and older with industry or relevant experience and strong motivational and organizational skills represent perfect fits for EAT managerial positions. Prospective associates should also possess the ability to lead employees in fast-paced settings and engage with customers comfortably on a regular basis. Available managerial positions also include several administrative job duties, such as processing payroll, setting schedules, hiring and training new workers, and ordering food and drink inventories. Driving sales and monitoring revenue goals also prove integral to management jobs. EAT needs to hire lead baristas, floor managers, and managers. The average lead baristas makes around £9.00 per hour. EAT floor managers receive salary options upwards of £20,000 a year. Annual salary rates for EAT managers top out around £30,000.

Benefits of Working at EAT
Becoming an employee of the EAT network of fast food restaurants provides a wide range of employment benefits. EAT offers several avenues of training ultimately leading to advanced careers within the company. Senior manager events designed to familiarize managers with all aspects of the company provide regular and in-depth looks at the various processes of operations. In addition to thorough and ongoing training, EAT offers competitive pay rates, benefits packages, flexible scheduling, and company-provided uniforms.

Work benefits available to qualified EAT associates include financial planning schemes, healthcare options, and work/life balance programmes. Eligible employees gain access to childcare schemes, maternity and paternity leave, pension schemes, bonus schemes, 25 days holiday, 50% discounts on food and drink, which extend to friends and family, and other special offers on food, drink, and local entertainment. Additional employee benefits may vary by location and position. Contact EAT to learn more about job benefits and to complete an application form for immediate hiring consideration.

More Information
Eat, often stylized as EAT, operates a chain of eclectic sandwich shops based in the United Kingdom. The popular chain of eateries provides both dine-in and traditional fast food services. EAT founders Faith and Niall MacArthur pride the company on using fresh ingredients and participating in the charitable initiatives of surrounding communities. A sizeable fast food chain, EAT manages approximately 110 locations in the UK and employs thousands of workers nationwide.


The EAT menu offers wide selections of gourmet foods popular amongst patrons across the United Kingdom. Primary selections include sandwiches, wraps, toasties, and baguettes featuring wholegrain breads, fresh meats, varied cheeses, and organic vegetables, among other toppings. EAT also offers popular soups, salads, desserts, pot pies, and meat pies. Customers and employees alike often cite the daily soup offerings as the most popular draw to the chain. The traditional British cuisine prepared in made-to-order, fast food formats sustains widespread popularity and enhances the trendy, laid-back, and eclectic dining atmospheres of EAT locations, which combine British pub themes with typical cafe decor. EAT also provides vegetarian offerings for patrons with special diet requirements.

EAT began in 1996. The first location opened in London, England, UK. After initial expansion and early success, EAT fell under ownership of Penta Capital. In 2011, Lyceum Capital purchased majority control of EAT from Penta Capital. The company now operates under several owners, including company founders Niall and Faith MacArthur, Penta Capital, and restaurant managers. EAT continues to expand both menus and locations and plans to further expand throughout the United Kingdom in the near future.

Menus available at EAT restaurants largely consist of soups, sandwiches, and salads. Handmade “hotpots”, which include choice of meats, vegetables, and seasonings, and fresh-baked, single-serving pies filled with cheeses, meats, onions, and gravies also serve as prominent menu items. Other EAT selections include salads, desserts, and specialty drink items. EAT locations offer breakfast menus consisting of cereals, yogurts, pastries, muffins, and sandwiches, as well.

A private company, EAT falls under ownership of company founders Niall and Faith MacArthur, Penta Capital, and restaurant management. Collectively, the company uses the moniker EAT Limited. The restaurant chain pulls in roughly £100 million in annual revenues. As EAT continues to grow, the fast food chain expects to open new locations in markets throughout the United Kingdom. EAT headquarters reside in London, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at EAT: 16

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  • Maxime Emile Ricard says:

    I have worked previously at EAT for 2 years. It was such a great experience, as I had a great team to work with, many people from different countries and cultures. Customers were mainly businessman and businesswoman but we had as well tourists. My interview was done by a lady named Laura and since my first day, it have been a pleasure to work for EAT everyday.

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