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U.K. easyJet stands as one of the largest low-cost flight providers in the country and the second largest in Europe, with more flights on the top 100 European routes than any other airline. The company employs nearly 9,000 labourers consisting of 2,000 pilots and over 4,500 crew members who operate more than 200 Airbus planes. Each plane carries close to 60 million passengers annually to just over 30 countries throughout Europe. Major airports near popular landmarks and tourist sites remain favorable when landing.

easyJet Employment Opportunities and Wage Information
The most popular entry-level positions for individuals seeking to begin careers includes flight attendant jobs, while other full-time opportunities requiring more experience remain available, such as pilots and information technology systems experts. Other roles asking for only minimal education or training stand available as well, like route planner, maintenance technician, and customer service representative.

Flight Attendant – Flight attendants represent the company and handle a majority of customer interactions. Employees must demonstrate good communication skills, friendly attitudes, and passion for service. Aboard each voyage, three flight attendants and a cabin manager ensure guest safety and tend to the needs of each passenger with prompt, courteous manners. Regular duties include helping guests board and exit the plane, confirming safety checks and regulations, and catering to the needs of guests by serving food and drinks when appropriate. Associates also facilitate communication between the pilots and passengers during the flight and attend to any emergency situations which may arise. Average salary packages for the position come in at around £14,500 per year.

Customer Service Representative – Customer service representatives labour behind the scenes to help keep passengers satisfied. Typical responsibilities of employees encompass taking incoming and outgoing calls, interacting with customers over the phone, email, or in person, and using company software to help resolve issues regarding ticketing, flight information, and other services. Employees must demonstrate proficient multitasking abilities and computer skills. On average, employees make wages totaling between £15,000 and £16,000 annually.

easyJet Job Benefits
The greatest job benefit many associates enjoy includes the chance to travel to destinations all across Europe and the U.K. Employees may receive slightly different employment benefits packages from country to country; however, all workers receive discounted flights, holidays, car hires, and hotels through the company. U.K.-based employees earn generous share schemes and yearly pay rises, along with performance-based bonuses, as well.

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Thanks to the hard work of pilots, crew members, and central teams working behind the scenes, easyJet claims high on-time performance rates, with upwards of 84% of flights arriving within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival times. Employees carry out responsibilities in energetic and professional manners, which allows the airline to continually receive awards as a best low-cost and short-haul airline. Passion and dedication make up the main requirements in consideration for entry-level roles such as flight attendants or positions within central teams.

Labourers may apply online to begin careers with easyJet by completing electronic applications or creating job-seeker profiles to receive news and notifications of available jobs. The interview process generally accompanies online assessments to determine eligibility as well as telephone and video interviews to confirm competency and ensure potential candidates fit well with existing team members. The airline often promotes from within and prefers to reward hardworking, dedicated associates instead of seeking new talent for positions of higher management.

Established in 1995 with a handful of rented jets and service routes, easyJet quickly grew to become one of the leading airlines in Europe, with 300 million people living within a one-hour drive of major airports where the company operates. The air carrier began by simply booking flights via telephone but became one of the first airlines to offer online booking services in 1998. Throughout the 90s and the early 2000s, the airline company continued to expand services and built new bases of operations in Germany, the U.K., Spain, France, and other popular European countries.

easyJet follows a pared-down business model allowing the company to offer flights at low prices without any frills or special perks. The website allows passengers to find flights and holiday packages on offer, with hotel and car rental booking services available, as well. For individuals with a fear of flying, the company provides a Fearless Flyer Course, which helps people cope with travel anxiety.

In 2014, easyJet served over 60 million U.K. and European customers, which amounted to net profits of £450 million. Customer bases and profits continue to grow each year as the company expands. At many operation centres the U.K. and Europe, employees receive annual performance-based pay rises to reflect the success of the airline, and labourers participating in the company share scheme receive lucrative monetary benefits due to the financial well-being and expansion of the travel company.

Minimum Age to Work at easyJet: 18

Official Site: https://careers.easyjet.com/

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