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Transporting passengers to about 20 destinations in the U.K. and other parts of Europe, Eastern Airways carries roughly 800,000 passengers each year via public and private charter services. As numerous customers demand a large workforce, job hopefuls seeking refuge in the airline industry may earn well paid entry-level and career opportunities with the U.K. airline. Attractive work benefits schemes, competitive wages, and various airline-specific perks stand as major selling points for working with the burgeoning company.

Eastern Airways Jobs and Wage Information
Applicant requirements remain rigorous for some positions. Candidates generally must stand at least 18 years of age; however, some exceptions persist for job hopefuls 16 and over. Other qualifications, such as valid driving permits or Class-A education equivalencies may persist for some openings. Individuals experienced in related fields may garner superior titles resulting in greater wages and available work benefits. Applicants may find the following positions through the Eastern Airways job portal:

Ramp Operative – Key duties for grounds operations entail loading baggage, tending to technical aircraft needs, and re-fueling aeroplanes and helicopters. Interior and exterior cabin cleaning procedures remain daily duties for ramp operatives, as well. Labourers should possess valid driving permits for legal operation of towing vehicles. Candidates should withstand extreme weather conditions, including frigid conditions requiring workers to de-ice aircraft. New-hires may expect pay schemes beginning around £7.00 an hour.

Cabin Crew – The airline restricts applications to candidates living within an hour drive of work, displaying smart appearances, and meeting specific height-to-weight proportions. Cabin crew should also possess up-to-date passports. Crew members must possess personal transportation and at least two-year old driving permits. Physical ailments may disqualify individuals from hiring consideration. Usual duties revolve around passenger satisfaction. Associates distribute hot meals and drinks for guests and fulfill further customer requests, as needed. Perhaps the most important part of the job remains safety. Flight attendants must ensure each passenger knows correct procedures in case of emergencies. Safety demonstrations demand understanding of subject matter and extensive memorization of various protocols. Introductory salary packages begin around £8.00 per hour with incentives for working extended hours.

Operations Manager – Each department requires management. Operations mangers ensure labourers correctly complete tasks in timely and efficient manners in order to continue the profitable function of the company. Hiring staff, creating schedules, and assisting with various difficulties comprise a majority of responsibilities for management. Managers typically possess elevated expertise in social interaction skills and logistics within respective departments. As heads of operations, managers must record and analyse daily business activities. A salaried position, the job title of operations manager may offer each employee yearly income of around £50,000.

Eastern Airways Job Benefits
The airline offers valuable employment benefits packages to each employee. Senior associates and labourers with more responsibility receive greater choices in job benefits. Each worker receives holiday and access to retirement scheme options. Additional job benefits may entail free parking, wellness activities, childcare schemes, and subsidised meals. Eastern Airways associates may participate in discount programmes offering free or discounted flights, lodging, and car services. Break packages may also prove available for top-performing associates.

More Information
Eastern Airways accommodates various scheduling needs. Interested labourers may choose from part- and full-time roles attractive for students, parents, and supplementary job seekers, alike. Job availability depends on locations and time of year. Busy months require more staff assistance, which leads to ideal work for seasonal job seekers. Staff may find secondment opportunities, as well. Since airline work depends heavily on guest satisfaction, hiring managers prefer candidates demonstrating congenial attitudes. Multitasking, reasoning, and comprehension abilities also rank highly among traits desired by management.

While most jobs with the airline require little-to-no experience, career-track positions such as pilot require in-depth schooling and training. Eastern Airways also incorporates paid training for entry-level positions, though not as extensive as jobs requiring managerial training. Labourers may expect cross-training in order to complete tasks closely associated with job titles. Application forms remain available on the official website and require CVs and cover letters.

Beginning flights in 1997, Eastern Airways slowly increased the company fleet size to roughly 30 aircraft by July 2015. Head offices reside in Kirmington, North Lincolnshire. The continually growing airline garnered awards for airline of the year for the first time in 2006 and as recent as 2015.

Patrons may expect a range of services from Eastern Airways, including same-day return journeys, in-flight services like complimentary food and drink, express check-in, a fast-track security channel, executive lounges, and free hold baggage. Discount packages involve taxi services, and airport parking in addition to flight purchases. Private flights remain available, which may include champagne, private check-in, and complimentary car parking.

The company maintains about £30 million in assets. Eastern Airways expanded into the French domestic market and continues to expand as the recipient of a four-year contract in 2014. The continuation of expanding operations requires the company to employ close to 700 staff.

Minimum Age to Work at Eastern Airways: 18

Official Site: http://www.easternairways.com/careers

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