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Applicants vying for Dune jobs must meet the minimum hiring age of 16, in most cases. The shoe retailer screens for knowledgeable, stylish, and friendly individuals with a passion for the brand during the interview process. The abilities to effectively engage customers and assist with comments, questions, or concerns regarding products and services rank highly as desirable traits for both entry-level job applicants and individuals in search of professional careers. Complete and submit a job application to reveal more information on available Dune jobs.

Available Dune Job Opportunities and Salary Info
The fashion retail industry offers entry-level job seekers wide varieties of meaningful positions. Dune job hopefuls find opportunities for work in customer service, sales, distribution, management, and corporate fields. The typical Dune employee works as an entry-level customer service or sales assistant. Other available jobs include warehouse, shipping, and management positions. The most prevalent Dune job opportunities include:

Sales Assistant –Encompassing several responsibilities, Dune sales assistant jobs require excellent customer service skills. Other desirable attributes include willingness to work irregular schedules, including nights, weekends, and holidays, and the ability to work on foot, interact with customers, and handle money comfortably. Experience in the fashion industry or retail may benefit potential workers; however, Dune sales assistant applicants typically need no real experience for employment consideration. Regular job responsibilities involve running the tills, engaging with shoppers, providing fashion advice and promotional information, granting access to fitting rooms, and organizing shelves and sales floor displays. Dune pays sales assistants minimum wage at time of hire. Hourly pay scales generally increase with experience.

Management –Dune management undertakes administrative, customer service, and analytic responsibilities at store locations. Managers hire and train new associates, set schedules, order products and supplies, enforce company protocol, ensure customer satisfaction, organise sales data, and report to Dune corporate offices. Other responsibilities include resolving workplace conflicts, implementing marketing initiatives, and supervising entry-level employees. Dune managers must possess keen fashion sense and industry knowledge to work effectively. The ability to delegate work and keep associates on task also proves desirable of Dune managers. Depending on specific job title, Dune managers may make anywhere between £9.00 an hour and £40,000 in annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Dune
Dune associates gain exposure to the fashion retail industry as part of a world-renowned enterprise. Entry-level workers immediately reap the benefits of working with a highly reputed company with a storied history spanning more than a century. Dune offers comprehensive paid training programmes, career development opportunities to help move entry-level employees into managerial roles and corporate positions, and competitive wages. The U.K. shoe retail company also provides qualified associates with employment benefits packages.

In order to qualify for Dune job benefits, employees must typically work full-time schedules. Managers and corporate associates generally receive complete access to Dune employee benefits. Available work benefits include pension schemes, healthcare programmes, bonus schemes, and paid holiday. Dune also extends generous discounts on merchandise and flexible scheduling to all employees upon hire.

More Information
Owned and operated by The Dune Group, fashion retailer Dune stands as one of the most popular High Street brands in the U.K. Joining a handful of sister brands, Dune appeals to elegant, distinct, and sophisticated tastes. Most stores feature ornate and contemporary design themes used to accent product lines available. Founded in the early 1990s, Dune maintains just over 45 locations in the United Kingdom and 35 more franchised stores abroad.


Contemporary, chic styles and renowned product lines draw thousands of customers annually to Dune stores. The retail chain specialises in casual and formal footwear. In addition to branded retail locations, Dune sells products through nearly 170 concessions across the country, which further broadens the scope of the company. Operations on High Street shopping districts and in prominent shopping centres provide customers with highly visible access to Dune products. The U.K. shoe retailer also maintains a prominent internet presence and online store.

The original Dune store opened in London, England, UK, in 1992. Following the initial location, Dune began selling to other retailers and created a substantial line of business in concessions. In 2009, Dune added brands Bertie and Pied a Terre and created a formal entity called The Dune Group to govern retail operations. Eventually, Dune franchised overseas. Total retailers falling under the Dune banner include more than 80 stores across the U.K., Ireland, India, Russia, and United Arab Emirates, among other European and Middle Eastern countries. By October 2013, the retail chain managed approximately 45 locations in the United Kingdom alone.

Products and Services
Dune stores sell chic and designer lines of shoes for men and women. Styles for men include work shoes, casual shoes, formal shoes, boots, sandals, and trainers. Women may choose from flashy and elegant lines of boots, casual shoes, sandals, heels, and other formal footwear. In addition to shoes, Dune sells fashion accessories, such as scarves, jewelry, and sunglasses for women and belts and bags for men. Dune sells all products lines online through the company website.

A large company, Dune operates under the control of parent entity The Dune Group. Privately held, The Dune Group manages Bertie, Pied a Terre, and Ladie’s and Men’s Brands at Dune, in addition to Dune retail shops. Average annual turnovers for the U.K. fashion conglomerate reach in excess of £130 million. The Dune Group manages Dune and sister brands out of London, England, UK, corporate offices.

Minimum age to work at Dune: 16

Official Site: www.dunelondon.com/careers/

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