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Job seekers interested in work at Costa Coffee UK shops must typically submit an official application form for employment consideration. Applicants may download the necessary employment materials from the Costa Coffee website or visit a desired location personally. Most associates receive a job offer within a day of submitting the required forms. A single, one-on-one interview with a hiring manager generally serves as the main method of screening applicants during the Costa Coffee job application process in the U.K. Contact a local Costa Coffee to learn more about available jobs now.

Available Costa Coffee Jobs and Salary Info
Entry-level jobs require little to no experience for employment at Costa Coffee shops in the U.K. Work available includes managerial job titles in addition to entry-level positions featuring part-time and full-time scheduling opportunities. Costa Coffee must hire workers on a regular basis in order to maintain international prominence. Typical job titles available include:

Barista – Costa Coffee baristas serve as the first point of contact with customers. Applicants must possess friendly and personable attitudes. Other desirable qualities of potential employees include personal interest in coffee and a commitment to providing quality service. Expressed enthusiasm for the position plays a pivotal role in gaining employment as a barista at Costa Coffee. Typical job duties range from greeting patrons and serving menu items to preparing drinks and food, maintaining clean work stations and dining areas, and establishing meaningful connections with customers. Costa Coffee barista pay begins around £6.00 an hour and often increases up to £7.00 per hour over time.

Management – Viable career options available at Costa Coffee include various opportunities in management. Specific job titles include assistant store manager and store manager. Both positions work to increase brand awareness and profitability of Costa Coffee locations. Other functions include hiring and training new workers, organizing schedules, supervising entry-level associates, motivating employees, and maintaining supply inventories. Assistant store managers work directly under Costa Coffee store managers. Salary options for assistant store managers start at £20,000 per year, while pay scales for store managers reach as high as £50,000 in annual salary.

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Benefits of Working at Costa Coffee UK
Costa Coffee employees enjoy warm and welcoming job settings, paid training, and access to corporate work benefits packages. Eligibility requirements typically limit employment benefits to associates working full-time schedules. Motivated workers also enjoy career development opportunities. Costa Coffee supports employees interested in assuming long-term careers in the coffee shop industry through comprehensive training programmes and on-job orientation.

More Information
Founded in the early 1970s, Costa Coffee operates as one of the largest coffeehouse chains in the United Kingdom. Founders Sergio and Bruno Costa opened the first, official location in London, England, later in the decade. The two created the chain in an effort to bring an authentic, Italian coffeehouse experience to the U.K. Being of Italian heritage, Sergio and Bruno originally began as Italian coffee roasters using slow-roast techniques akin to Italian traditions to produce aromatic and flavorful blends. In addition to U.K. operations, Costa Coffee maintains a sizeable international presence with more than 1,700 stores around the world. Costa Coffee operates roughly 1,300 shops in the United Kingdom alone.

Due to franchising and international expansion, Costa Coffee serves as one of the most popular coffeehouse chains worldwide. Costa Coffee offers fresh, hand-made menu options featuring Italian espresso beans, gourmet sandwiches, and other traditional and non-traditional coffeehouse offerings. The diverse menu options made by specially trained baristas establish recurring customer bases and draw new patrons to Costa Coffee locations on a regular basis. Costa Coffee locations provide comfortable, trendy atmospheres punctuated by contemporary and modern decor often reflecting local cultures.

International coffee retail chain Costa Coffee began in 1971. Originally a wholesale outfit to catering companies, Costa Coffee grew into retail locations in the late 1970s. After over 20 years in business, Costa Coffee fell under ownership of Whitebread plc. Soon after, Costa Coffee expanded into international markets with a location in Dubai. The 2000s saw the most growth for the coffee shop chain. By the end of the decade, Costa Coffee boasted more than 1,000 locations. Around 1,300 coffee shops in the U.K. operate under the Costa Coffee banner as of October 2013. The global network of Costa Coffee shops consists of roughly 1,700 locations.

Specialising in espressos, Costa Coffee also sells macchiatos, lattes, mochas, Americanos, and ristrettos. Locations also offer daily roasts and full menus featuring sandwiches, cakes, Paninis, pastries, fruits, yogurt, wraps, toasties, and other snack foods. Costa Coffee baristas serve freshly prepared menu options both hot and cold and made-to-order. Most shops offer both carryout and dine-in eating options.

Costa Coffee represents one of the largest coffeehouse chains in the world. With locations in approximately 35 countries, Costa Coffee directly competes with other international chains like Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, and Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Owned and operated by Whitebread Plc., Costa Coffee pulls in over £340 million in annual revenues. Corporate headquarters reside in Dunstable, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Costa Coffee : 16

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  • kinga says:

    Busy place to work depending on the day. You have to be organized in your work. Wise to keep track of your hours. The workers are great and fun. There is a lot of new people to meet as well as a lot of drinks to try in the different seasons. I have learned quickly about the brand standards.

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