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A leading U.K. cafe chain, Coffee Republic proudly operates nearly 25 coffee bars in the United Kingdom and another 18 scattered throughout various countries. Environments filled with friendly and upbeat labourers inspire guests to visit frequently. In addition to selections of popular coffee beverages, company shops offer freshly made sandwiches, boxed teas, baked goods, and smoothies. Specialty drinks, such as spiced apple chai and vanilla cinnamon latte, encourage diverse customer bases.

Coffee Republic Employment Opportunities and Wage Information
Displaying energy and enthusiasm, employees of the coffee company bring life to shops by actively engaging with patrons. Labourers generally maintain interests in customer service and the food industry. Previous experience in retail typically offers a competitive edge against steep applicant pools. Entry-level candidates should apply for openings if outgoing and upbeat. Quality training ensures individuals without experience quickly become acquainted with processes and meet expectations. Popular job titles sit below:

Barista – Friendly, efficient service given to each and every customer ensures return visits. Baristas establish rapports with clients on daily bases and guarantee experiences remain rewarding and influential. A working knowledge of products and how to prepare hot and cold beverages stands necessary. Sociable and mature individuals find room for growth into management if trustworthy, respectful, and professional at all times. Team players improve the atmospheres of locations and balance workloads for all coworkers. Excellent communication skills garner pay rates close to £6.50 an hour, with opportunities to earn additional compensation through tips and profit sharing.

Assistant Manager – Developing and maintaining relationships with clients, labourers, and suppliers, assistant managers expertly communicate and radiate professionalism. Individuals work closely with store managers to help oversee the successful operation of locations. Training and managing workers generally requires assistants to utilize previous retail experience. Proper administration remains essential and may include handling payroll, stock management, safety regulations, and new employees. Important tasks entail knowledge of the budget, how to prepare products, and handle difficult or alarming situations in the absence of higher management. Yearly salary options extend to upwards of £20,000 for dedicated visionaries.

Coffee Republic Job Benefits
Coffee shops generously provide labourers competitive work benefits in order to uphold company morale. Pay rates lavishly grant staff members appropriate wages for possessing the necessary skills and experience. Other desirable employment benefits may include pension schemes, profit sharing, childcare vouchers, life assurance, and holiday. Workers may also enjoy discounts on food and beverage products.

More Information
Built on the reputation of superior coffee and delicious foods, Coffee Republic accomplishes such a feat with dedicated baristas. Customers enjoy hot beverages or refreshing iced drinks at various shops, concession bars, or to-go machines. Universities, cinemas, gyms, and hospitals support the concessions locations, while business organisations and eateries house quick-stop machines. Delicious menus and excellent customer service entices clients to continuously come back for more. Coffee beans, derived authentically from Italy, allow consumers to savour the real taste of the drink.

The work cultures of the company encourage personal development while maintaining focus on business growth. Staff members constantly move up from entry-level positions to openings in management. Locations seek passionate members able to talk with daily customers and recruit loyal client bases. Vacancies for fixed-term and permanent position labourers hold available in new and flourishing areas. Applicants should apply in-person or email resumes to human resources.

A brother and sister team, Bobby and Sahar Hashemi founded the coffee company in 1995 in London. Within two years, nearly seven stores in London successfully opened as well as one each in Newcastle and Manchester. In 2003, after experiencing annual losses, Coffee Republic converted into a deli-bar chain and whittled down locations. International stores began opening throughout the 2000s, including sites in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Serving as a coffee bar and deli, Coffee Republic offers a menu of Italian roast and artisan blended coffees along with teas, hot chocolate, cold drinks, and unique foods. Customers choose between breakfast goodies, like bacon croissants and cream cheese bagels, or lunch items such as paninis and sandwiches made fresh on location. Occasionally, seasonal muffins, cakes, and pastries display in shops.

Trading as Coffee Republic Trading Ltd., the company pulled from share trading suspension in 2009 by Arab Investment Ltd. The investors commit substantial capital into developing the strong brand. In 2015, 20 new franchise agreements along with two international ones set to increase the expansion of the business. Further growth efforts consist of constructing the highest urban coffee shop in the U.K. as well as new design exertions, launching a to-go concept, and forming new partnerships.

Minimum Age to Work at Coffee Republic: 18

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