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Coffee #1 began in the early 2000s and operates a successful chain of coffeehouses in the United Kingdom. Also referred to as Coffee 1 and Coffee Number One, the popular cafe chain boasts around 35 locations countrywide. The company began on the principles of ethically obtained and gourmet coffees served by trained professionals in warm and inviting cafe environments. Accomplishments as an organization stand recipients of Best UK Coffee Chain by Cafe Society Awards 2009 through 2013.

Popular Positions and Salary Information
Job opportunities available require applicants to meet the minimum hiring age of at least 13 for employment consideration. Some locations may require applicants stand at least 16 at time of hire. Managerial opportunities regularly require applicants 18 and over with experience in the coffeehouse industry. Most entry-level jobs require little or no experience. Popular job titles include:

Barista – A majority of Coffee #1 baristas work part-time or between 16 and 24 hours per week. Full-time baristas include associates working 37 to 40 hours a week. Common responsibilities include running the tills, taking food and drink orders, preparing coffees, serving foods, and cleaning work stations and dining areas. Baristas undergo training immediately upon hire to build upon industry-specific skills, such as latte art and proper preparation of teas and coffees. The cafe chain stresses the importance of providing quality over quantity to patrons and hires prospective employees with acute attention to detail and dedicated personalities. Applicants with friendly and personable attitudes also gain favorable hiring consideration during the interview process. Hourly pay for baristas typically begins at £6.00.

Management – Applicants and current employees looking for long-term employment with the U.K. coffeehouse chain may find managerial job titles appealing and rewarding. Coffee #1 hires motivated individuals who possess previous experience or proven leadership qualities to assume managerial roles, such as head barista, supervisor, and store manager. Most managers work full-time hours and assist entry-level applicants in performing job duties and executing basic operations. Managers also hire and train new workers, set schedules, track inventories and order supplies, perform opening and closing procedures, balance cash drawers, and ensure customer satisfaction. Labourers must also possess creative and energetic personalities. The ability to effectively delegate and organise workdays plays vital roles in gaining positive hiring consideration for aspiring applicants. Typical pay for head baristas falls around £7.00 an hour. Supervisors earn roughly £8.00 or £9.00 hourly pay. Store managers may earn annual salary options anywhere from £25,000 to £35,000.

Benefits of Working at Coffee #1
Highly specialized training often proves the most rewarding aspect of working for the popular chain of coffee shops. Coffee #1 spends a great deal of time training new-hire employees on company protocol, food and drink preparation, and customer service. Each associate enjoys personalized attention from managers, including instruction on everything from latte art to engaging with customers. Training programmes remain ongoing throughout employment. Workers may take advantage of career development opportunities at any time. In addition to training and development programmes, associates enjoy generous discounts on food and drink. Employees working full-time schedules may also qualify for job benefits packages. Varying by location, employment benefits packages may include private healthcare coverage, childcare vouchers, pension schemes, bonus schemes, and paid holiday.

More Information
Specially made and handcrafted offerings draw thousands of patrons to Coffee #1 locations nationwide. Menus feature Guatemalan drip roasts, which offer full, rich flavors and lasting aromas. The coffeehouse chain uses only certified organic milks and creams to make beverages, which appeals to customers leading active and healthy lifestyles. However, most customers, regardless of lifestyle choices, enjoy the painstaking attention to detail implemented by baristas to create signature coffee offerings and snack foods. Predominant in Wales, the cafe mainly operates in densely populated boroughs, cities, and towns. Locations often include two stories, provide books, and play in-house music for patrons to enjoy with regularity.

The award-winning U.K. coffeehouse maintains popularity through unrivaled service. Applicants in search of Coffee #1 jobs must demonstrate sincere love of coffee and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills. Managers hire for both part-time and full-time supervisory and barista positions on a regular basis. Employment opportunities generally involve some aspect of food and drink preparation in addition to customer service responsibilities.

Founded in 2001, the first Coffee #1 location opened in the capital city of Cardiff, Wales, England. Experiencing substantial, initial success, the chain grew steadily throughout the 2000s. The coffeehouse maintains a network of approximately 50 locations. Plans to continue expansion remain in place for the near future.

The Coffee #1 menus feature coffee creations and snack foods. Coffees comprise a majority of available offerings at company locations. The cafe chain also sells cakes, sandwiches, fruit juices, teas, wraps, and baps. Patrons may dine-in or carryout food and drink orders.

Coffee #1 maintains private operations. The company outsources for locally grown and organic foods to sell through shop locations and purchases coffee certified Fairtrade. In May 2012, the prominent coffeehouse fell under ownership of SA Brain & Co., which intends to expand the cafe chain aggressively in the near future. Annual revenues for SA Brain & Co. reach in excess of £113 million. Both SA Brain & Co. and the major cafe subsidiary maintain corporate headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, England, UK.

Minimum Age to Work at Coffee #1: 13

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