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With more than 185 years of service, Clarks continues on a path of innovation and expansion. A leader in the footwear industry, Clarks sells approximately 50 million pairs of shoes each year. The footwear retailer employs over 14,000 associates worldwide. A company with integrity, Clarks treats all customers and employees with honesty and respect.

Popular Clarks Jobs and Salary Information
With a large presence in the retail industry, Clarks requires a sizeable workforce to maintain operations. The shoe retailer offers a vast array of entry-level jobs and professional careers across various employment fields. Clarks offers career opportunities in retail, logistics, and corporate offices. Workers may access store jobs with part-time or full-time hours. Positions primarily available at Clarks retail stores include:

Sales associate – Sales associates with Clarks provide exceptional customer service. Key duties include fitting and measuring customers, suggesting products, answering questions, and employing suggestive selling techniques. Sales associates should possess an understanding of merchandise as well as target Clarks demographics. Clarks needs to hire individuals capable of standing for long periods and able to frequently bend down to fit and tie shoes. A sales associate often earns pay rates between £6.00 and £7.00 per hour.

Stock Person – Stockers unload deliveries, organize stock, and put out products on sales floors. When necessary, Clarks stock persons also provide customer service. During down periods, stock associates help maintain the cleanliness of shop locations. Clarks stock persons should possess the ability to lift more than 20kgs and remain standing for entire shifts. A stock person with Clarks generally makes about £6.50 an hour.

Store Manager – Store managers oversee day-to-day Clarks store operations. Primary management duties include hiring and coaching team members, analysing sales, and setting store sales and performance goals. Managers also monitor inventory and communicate changes and needs in business operations. When necessary, managers need to provide excellent customer service. Clarks generally hires applicants with several years of retail sales or management experience. Salary rates for a store manager with Clarks typically fall between £20,000 and £45,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Clarks
Clarks rewards employees by offering generous employment benefits packages that include financial savings programmes and work/life balance plans. For financial stability, Clarks offers a generous company-paid pension scheme after a specified qualifying period. Eligible workers may also access performance-based incentives and discretionary bonus schemes. For a work/life balance, team members receive paid holidays and vacation time. Clarks associates may earn up to 25 days holiday. Managers may also enjoy the use of company cars. All crew members may access generous discounts on Clarks merchandise.

Committed to worker success, Clarks offers ample opportunities for employee development. When first starting out, Clarks associates receive paid training. After an initial training period, crew members receive ongoing coaching and development opportunities. Success-driven workers may access training programs leading to sustainable and rewarding management careers.

More Information
Retail shoe giant Clarks manufactures and sells footwear and accessories to customers worldwide. Based in the U.K., Clarks serves as the number one shoe retailer in Britain and manages over 500 locations country wide. An international chain, Clarks maintains major operations across North America, Eastern Europe, India, and China. In total, Clarks manages approximately 1,000 locations and serves as the fourth-largest footwear company on the planet.

Clarks sells shoes of nearly every style to men, women, and children. The retailer largely sells casual, everyday footwear. Specialising in mostly non-sportwear, Clarks distributes stylish, well-made boots, scandals, casual shoes, and dress shoes throughout retail shops and online store. A leading footwear manufacture, Clarks offers a wide range of original shoes. Original brands Clarks creates and sells include Clarks Artisan, unstructured, Innovators footwear technology, Clarks active air, and Clarks wave walk.

Roots for Clarks trace back to 1825 when brothers Cyrus and James Clark worked in a tannery. James took note of the excess sheepskins and wood stapling supplies around and came up with the idea to create slippers. In 1828, James officially produced and sold hand-made sheepskin slippers called the Brown Petersburg. The slippers grew in popularity, and by 1842, the brothers sold over 1,000 a week under the company name C&J Clark Ltd. Innovators in the budding footwear industry, the Clark bothers created the first shoe that fit the form of the foot. After the Second World War, C&J Clark saw incredible expansion and opened over a dozen factories across the U.K. In 1957, the first flagship Clarks store opened on Regent Street in London. Years later, Clarks began international expansion by opening locations in the United States, France, Germany, Denmark, India, China. Today, Clarks maintains more than 1,000 stores across over 35 countries.

Products & Services
Clarks specializes in manufacturing and selling non-sport shoes. The retailer offers a wide selection for women, men, and children. Shoes for women includes ankle boots, brogues, court shoes, creepers, flats, high heels, knee high boots, loafers, pumps, and wedges. Styles for men include casual, modern, and smart styles. The retailer also includes sections for girls, boys, and babies. In addition to shoes, Clarks sells a wide range of handbags. Shoppers may find everything from handbags to leather purses. Clarks also sells accessories like umbrellas, wallets, and shoe care items.

Clarks operates as a private company. The footwear retailer remains 80% owned by the more than 500 living descendants of founder James Clark. C&J Clark International Ltd. owns and operates Clarks. A retail giant, C&J Clark stands as one of the top 50 private companies in the U.K. Each year, the company brings in over £125 million in profits. Headquarters for C&J Clark reside in Street, Somerset, England.

Minimum age to work at Clarks: 16

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    I worked at Clarks in Stock Room in Kilburn Store. I was very happy and I enjoyed it.

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