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Like most fast food chains, Chicken Cottage must hire entry-level workers on a regular basis to provide customer service. Most Chicken Cottage workers start out as part-time team members and work up to managerial roles with experience and time spent with the company. Applicants may encounter one or two job interviews during the hiring process, in addition to questionnaires and standard physical examinations. Thousands of individuals work as Chicken Cottage associates throughout the United Kingdom. The online employment form provides further details regarding available Chicken Cottage jobs.

Popular Chicken Cottage Job Titles and Salary Information
Applicants vying for fast food jobs should fill out a job application for Chicken Cottage. Workers must meet the minimum hiring age of 16 to gain employment, in most cases. However, Chicken Cottage may hire workers under the age of 16 into entry-level positions with appropriate paperwork. Jobs feature fast-paced, customer-oriented work environments. Associates receive flexible scheduling options, paid training, and complimentary uniforms upon hire. Review the following list of popular positions available at Chicken Cottage:

Team Member – The average Chicken Cottage team member works part-time or between 15 and 30 hours per week. Applicants must demonstrate personable, friendly, and motivated attitudes during the hiring process in order to gain employment. The ability to comfortably use kitchen equipment, such as grills, fryers, microwaves, ovens, and utensils, may benefit prospective employees. Associates also regularly use computerized cash registers to process transactions and take food and drink orders. No formal hiring requirements exist for Chicken Cottage team member jobs. Workers typically stand for long durations and move around quickly on a daily basis. The ability to physically keep up with the high-intensity demands of the job serves as a critical characteristic of ideal candidates. Chicken Cottage team members receive minimum wage starting pay. Hourly pay scales may increase with promotion into managerial roles or through proven merit and work performance.

Management – Careers in Chicken Cottage managerial roles provide instant access to generous hourly wages and yearly salary packages. Depending on the position desired, workers may need to possess extensive experience in the fast food industry or relevant managerial experience from previous jobs. Workers must also exude strong leadership skills, organizational skills, and the ability to effectively delegate daily tasks and enforce protocol, policies, and procedures. Specific job duties may include creating work schedules, supervising entry-level employees, hiring and training workers, and ensuring food quality and customer satisfaction. Chicken Cottage often hires supervisors and store managers. Pay rates for supervisors hover around £8.00 or £9.00 an hour. Store managers receive salary options anywhere between £20,000 and £35,000 annually, depending on experience and location.

Benefits of Working at Chicken Cottage
Chicken Cottage supplies standard work benefits to employees. Both experienced professionals and entry-level associates enjoy competitive pay scales, paid training, ongoing development programs, and access to employment benefits packages. Workers with Chicken Cottage must typically hold down full-time schedules to qualify for job benefits packages. Common employee benefits provided include private healthcare options, pension schemes, paid holidays, and bonus schemes. Apply online or complete a job application at a nearby restaurant location for more details on Chicken Cottage work benefits.

More Information
Chicken Cottage operates as a fried chicken fast food restaurant chain with close to 115 locations in the United Kingdom. The sizable fast food company began as a single storefront in Wembley, North London, in the mid-1990s. The company gained traction due to excellent records of customer service. Chicken Cottage also operates a handful of locations internationally. Plans to further expand the Chicken Cottage brand name include future stores in Canada, India, Africa, and other European countries.

The fast food chain prepares all meals with special recipes created personally by the company. Chicken Cottage provides delicious and convenient fast food options using a blend of spices mixing traditional Southern U.S. and Chinese herbs and salts. Customers enjoy drive-thru and dine-in services out of accessible locations. Popular meals include fried and grilled chicken dinners, wraps, burgers, and Buffalo wings. Chicken Cottage also sells popular side items, like salads, beans, potato wedges, onion rings, and coleslaw. A sizeable presence, popular foods, and fast, friendly service lend to the continued success of the brand domestically and internationally.

The fast food restaurant chain began as a small business partnership in 1994. Eventually, the brand gained traction in the industry and expanded throughout the Greater London area. In 2001, Chicken Cottage formally incorporated as a private entity. Chicken Cottage expanded into Canadian markets in 2010 with the opening of the first international location in Calgary, AB. Roughly 115 Chicken Cottage locations operate as of September 2013.

Chicken Cottage menus largely consist of typical, fast food offerings. Patrons enjoy burgers, wraps, and side items, in addition to the signature chicken recipes. The restaurant chain uses halal spices to produce the renowned flavors of Chicken Cottage sauces and rubs. Customers may also order desserts and soft drinks. Many Chicken Cottage restaurants feature drive-thru windows, as well as dine-in and carryout services.

A private company, Chicken Cottage operates as an incorporated entity offering franchising opportunities through the company home offices. Each location generates between £250,000 and £750,000 annually. Combined revenues for all Chicken Cottage locations total in excess of £55 million per year. A large workforce of 2,500 entry-level associates and career professionals operates the fast food chain. Company corporate offices sit in London, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Chicken Cottage: 16

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