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The dedicated employees at Cafe Thorntons offer tea, cakes, and ices to chocolate-loving connoisseurs at over 25 locations throughout the U.K. A major chain, the company stands as the largest chocolate manufacturer in Britain, with stores selling all manner of confectionaries, sweets, cakes, biscuits, and savoury treats. Cafe locations also serve up delicious hot chocolates and other chocolate-based drinks.

Cafe Thorntons Job Openings and Wage Information
Job seekers may find seasonal work opportunities in the months leading up to the Christmas shopping season. Full-time or part-time employment opportunities also remain available year-round at Cafe Thorntons. Positions for hire regularly include retail associate and barista jobs. Brief descriptions of each position, including salary information, sit listed below:

Retail Associate – Retail associates inspire customers with a love of chocolates and sweets. Using expert knowledge on the wide variety of Thorntons products, employees assist customers with purchasing decisions and promote merchandise. Candidates must display excellent oral communication skills and the ability to meet store sales goals. Additional duties include maintaining clean store areas, arranging displays of sweets, building custom gift hampers, and operating tills. Employees may assist in the beverage area or fulfill other duties as assigned by store managers. Typical wages fall between £7.50 and £9.00 per hour.

Barista – Baristas put previous food service or retail knowledge to good use and serve tea, coffee, and chocolate-based beverages to guests. Labourers must adhere to workplace health and safety guidelines at all times while operating espresso machines, hot water spouts, blenders, grinders, and mixers. Customer interaction remains a vital part of the job, and associates must present friendly attitudes while cultivating pleasant exchanges and building positive relationships with customers. Employees may earn starting wages as high as £10.00 per hour. Attention to detail and the ability to work in fast-paced environments prove key aspects of the job, as well.

Cafe Thorntons Employment Benefits
Associates earn many employment benefits working at Cafe Thorntons, including competitive pay, flexible hours, the opportunity to sample sweets, and friendly, fun work atmospheres. Labourers also receive generous staff discounts and eligible individuals may obtain access to profit share schemes. Cafe workers may earn free beverages or food items during each shift, and dedicated personnel obtain opportunities for professional advancement within the nationally renowned company, as well.

More Information
Cafe Thorntons hires creative associates from various food service or retail backgrounds to work in fast-paced environments where quality and customer service stand paramount. Most cafe locations exist in busy shopping areas or high-traffic sites with many customers, tourists, and chocolate aficionados stopping by each day. Workers must exhibit polite manners and energetic personal interaction skills when greeting and serving guests.

Candidates wishing to begin careers in the retail or food service industries or find lucrative part-time employment may apply online for positions. Aspirants should inquire about open positions in person by speaking to store managers. Jobs working directly with customers often prove available as well as other positions related to the daily upkeep and operations of the business. To become a part of the Cafe Thorntons family, labourers must exhibit diligence, resilience, cheerfulness, and ambition.

Established in 1911, Thorntons started off as a sweets shop with one small location in Sheffield. Throughout the next few decades, the company refined a sweets- and chocolates-making process which earned national fame as the retailer opened new locations across northern England and Scotland. World War II took an incredible toll on the chain, as rationing of confectionary sweets and imported cane sugar took effect while Nazi warplanes reduced many of the retail locations to rubble in bombing raids. After the war, the company bounced back with increased factory production, new lines of chocolates, corporate partnerships, ventures into international operations, and a new model for franchise expansion.

In addition to hand-crafted beverages, Cafe Thorntons offers a wide range of classic Thorntons sweets and chocolates. Some of the most famous offerings include Original Special Toffee, which debuted in the first store location and sold in small, waxed-paper bags. Truffles also represent a popular choice, with many stores offering personalised boxes with words or names written on the chocolate pieces. Customised gift hampers remain popular during holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.

In 2014 and 2015, the company saw an upswing in the financial prospects of Thorntons, with new leadership and business partnerships injecting capital and resources into the company. Successful cost-cutting measures in 2014 allowed the company to nearly double profits and significantly increase revenue. Existing for over 100 years through hardships, such as war and global economic crises, the chocolate cafe remains the largest confectioner in the U.K., and continues to pursue bold strategies for growth.

Minimum age to work at Cafe Thorntons: 18

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