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An internationally renowned fast food franchise, Burger King serves over 11 million customers on a daily basis. To accommodate such high demand, the burger outfit gainfully employs thousands of labourers trained to handle masses of customers in friendly and prompt manners. Entry-level job hopefuls find great prospects for available restaurant positions, as part-time and full-time vacancies offering time-restricted individuals flexible scheduling options persist. Secondment opportunities coincide with plenty of advancement opportunities, as well. Preferring to hire from within for superior roles, Burger King presents excellent career options for entry-level labourers.


Burger King Jobs and Salary Information
Applicants must demonstrate various qualifications depending on preferred position. Typically, persons aged 16 and over may gain employment with the company. Desired qualities and certifications needed in order to successfully achieve a superior role increase as workers move up chains of command. Additional certifications may entail university education or at least A-level schooling completion. The following job titles represent commonly obtainable roles:

Team Member – Normal beginning wages for team members hover around £6.00 per hour. Duties range from collecting orders behind the till to cleansing work environments per health and safety standards. Usual daily responsibilities involve waste disposal, accurate order fulfillment, and inventory tracking. Additional duties revolve around attending dining room needs. Cleaning dining tables and community counters remains top priority to ensure customer happiness. Labourers also maintain the continual supply of condiments and drinks. New employees should expect training for multiple positions and shifts. Once training concludes, performance evaluations may increase wages for deserving workers.

Delivery Driver – Available at select locations, delivery driver positions require labourers to present valid, full driving permits alongside reliable transportation. As delivery orders may flow with inconsistency, drivers must also become proficient in other work stations. During slow periods, associates act as team members. Some familiarity with area roads proves important when transporting food to homes and businesses. While delivery labourers earn similar pay to team members, tips significantly increase total earnings for drivers.

Management – Accessible through hardworking displays aimed to benefit the company and employees, manager positions begin at the hourly shift coordinator level. Shift coordinators provide basic managerial support for team members and handle easily correctable mistakes. Coordinators also train and motivate new colleagues. Assistant managers aid general managers with oversight of location operations, while also attending to left over team member duties. General managers must ensure profit sustainability by keeping track of inventory, hiring well adjusted workers, and creating team schedules. GMs earn bonus pay for excelling in goals and garner excellent job benefits. Shift coordinator hourly wages typically stand a pound or two higher than team members. Assistant managers and general managers usually take in yearly salary options between £20,000 and £50,000, depending on level of expertise and length of time with the company.

Burger King Job Benefits
As a fair portion of the company remains franchised, work benefits may vary between locations. Many locations offer core employment benefits, such as holidays, bonus schemes, and discounts for friends and family on meals, while some may offer complimentary meals for labourers on duty. New hires receive free uniforms and competitive salary options. Eligible workers may also benefit from generous pension schemes made available for future-oriented individuals. Flexible scheduling options remain attractive for aspirants seeking part- or full-time work.

More Information
Burger King recruiters often seek passionate and socially adept individuals to fill vacant roles. As a customer-focused operation, the company must provide first-rate customer service in addition to maintaining consistent quality of menu items. Appropriately, aspirants should express desirable attitudes and presentable appearances when interacting with hiring officials. Teamwork cohesiveness and backgrounds devoid of any honesty issues remain characteristics ideal for future labourers.

Aspiring Burger King employees may submit applications via online job portals or request hiring materials within desired locations. Once onboard, new labourers participate in job training to learn fundamental skills required to work for the burger chain. After some time with the company, employees may enter trainer roles. Compensation and job benefits generally increase for workers gaining rank with the company.

Burger King began in 1954 as a small hamburger restaurant in the U.S. Parent organisation 3G Capital bought the burger chain in 2010 and privatised the company. The parent company continues to expand a profitable portfolio with more locations and ideas for future market capitalisation.

Offering an array of food items, Burger King allows patrons to order takeout as well as dine-in in addition to offering delivery in qualifying areas. Menus feature hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, drinks, and intermittent specials made available for short periods of time. Catering services may prove available at varying locations, as well.

The massive burger chain employs around 20,000 labourers in the U.K. alone. Typical global turnover sits around £700 million annually. A giant among many fast food chains, Burger King expansion shows no signs of slowing, meaning increased employment options locally and abroad.

Minimum age to work at Burger King: 16

Official Site: www.bkcareers.co.uk/

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