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British Airways operates almost 300 aeroplanes in service to millions of customers globally. The reach of the prominent company extends to roughly 200 destinations in 70 countries. Continued expansion evidenced by additional aircraft purchases creates massive opportunities for airline industry job hopefuls. Aspirants may expect available roles to exist in ground operations as well as onboard opportunities. Applications for vacant positions persist online and require candidates to submit qualifications via CVs. Though numerous roles continue for qualified job seekers, competition endures in great number for rewarding airline positions. Consequently, interested parties should remain proactive in searching for airline work.

British Airways Jobs and Wage Information
Specific requirements for jobs may include passports, driving permits, and technical licenses. Managerial roles often require some university completion, while numerous positions ask for Class-A educations. Some positions may require more stringent prerequisites than others. Part-time, full-time, and secondment opportunities remain available for motivated candidates. Roles regularly available follow in the list below:

Customer Contact Advisor – Working within the telephone customer care department, contact advisors answer customer inquiries and provide solutions to unfortunate experiences with the airline. Applicants must possess computer software expertise and feel at ease when speaking on telephones. Alongside providing help for unhappy customers, associates must present desirable alternative products through the use of suggestive selling techniques. Average hourly wages hover around £8.00.

Cabin Crew – Based in customer service, crew members typically earn about £13,000 yearly. Airlines usually require exclusive physical traits, such as height and limited piercings or tattoos. Rewards and increased pay persist for overnight ventures and other unorthodox work schedules. Mandatory duties for each flight entail serving warm meals and drinks. In case of emergencies, thorough examination and understanding of safety procedures remains necessary for each associate. Additional tasks include accommodating passenger requests, cleaning aisle ways and seats upon destination arrival, and announcing or demonstrating safety protocols.

Gate Attendant – Associates must handle customer interactions in person. Duties range from ticket taking to flight booking, while operating technology such as computers occupies considerable time. Each responsibility demands upbeat attitudes and logical reasoning skills from associates. Attendants must also prepare for rare emergency possibilities. Customer assistance may include aiding handicapped individuals, carrying luggage, and facilitating ticket modifications. Starting salary options begin around £7.00 per hour.

British Airways Job Benefits
With annual leave beginning at 30 days each year and rising to 34, labourers may take breaks with employee discounted flights and capitalise on discounts for lodging, restaurants, and taxi services, as well. Most positions also undergo paid training programmes lasting up to five weeks. Labourers also report ideal work-life balance, as schedules permit shift exchange among colleagues. Additional work benefits may vary between positions, with upper management and senior employees receiving greater variety.

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Several positions remain accessible for entry-level job seekers. A majority reside in the customer service trade, while few others remain in more technical fields. Adventurous individuals seeking travel opportunities find ideal positions as airline labourers. Excellent job benefits and rewarding salary packages offer further incentive for work within the industry. Hiring officials consistently onboard candidates displaying unique and personable characters. British Airways also supports myriad career opportunities. Job hopefuls wishing to eventually gain employment as pilots may take advantage of the unique British Airways future pilot programme. Other career-track positions include apprenticeships and graduate programmes designed to train and educate future management.

Each position requires regular customer contact. As a result, applicants with social anxiety and poor social skills may receive undesirable marks against personal hiring potential. Customer service in the airline business requires associates accustomed to public interaction and capable of entertaining empathetic feelings. After completing training, newly hired associates begin work in fast-paced environments. Airline labourers must demonstrate sound reasoning abilities throughout high-stress situations. Individuals displaying aptitude for leadership may assume shift lead roles.

Originally created by U.K. government officials to manage nationalised airlines, British Airways became a corporation with the merger of four airlines in 1974. Privitised in 1987, the company began expanding operations and adding to the existing fleet. The airliner consistently wins awards for superior services. In between 2012 and January 2015, the company garnered 41 awards, including 2015 Best Airline in Western Europe according to the Business Travel Awards.

Patrons may book flights for long- and short-haul trips. Each flight offers complimentary food and drinks, seat selection, and check-in. Elite customers may partake in lounge areas created for superior hospitality including food, drink, and amenities such as fax machines and free WiFi. In-flight entertainment involves television, film, audio, and games. The company also provides extensive selections of wines and spirits onboard.

40,000 associates contribute to the overall success of British Airways. Serving almost 40 million travellers each year, the company boasts annual turnover of around £12 billion. In 2011, the U.K. airline merged with Spanish airliner Iberia. Together, the airlines contribute to revenue of the International Airlines Group. IAG trades on the London Stock Exchange and also maintains holding status of Vueling and IAG cargo companies.

Minimum Age to Work at British Airways: 18

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