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Offering varying degrees of pricing at hotel locations with differing star ratings, Britannia Hotels supplies travelers with lodging throughout the U.K. Almost 1,500 employees enjoy positions with the large hotel firm and ensure the upkeep of about 10,000 temporary living quarters located within the expansive company network. Continued growth certifies qualified labourers remain in demand for both entry-level and career positions alike. Employment opportunities provide attractive labor benefits and competitive wages.

Britannia Hotels Jobs and Pay Information
New hires should expect thorough job preparation, which includes cross training in related positions. Some positions require education benchmarks, while others merely necessitate skills certificates. Experience proves beneficial for job hopefuls, though applicants lacking experience regularly gain employment as long as socially adept attitudes prevail. Additionally, associates must stand at least 18 years of age. The following jobs remain available with great frequency:

Reception – First-class receptionists demonstrate congenial and respectable character traits. As guests arriving for check-in meet reception labourers before gaining entry to rooms, first impressions rely heavily on concierge accommodations. Workers must handle payment transactions, ensure guests locate appropriate rooms, and tend to further customer needs. Logical reasoning skills coupled with tenacity generally represent desirable personal skills for reception aspirants. Although prior hospitality experience creates results in employment preference, candidates may impress recruitment personnel through demonstrative social aptitude. Pay generally begins around the national minimum and may increase with time and sharpening of hospitality acumen.

Chef – Responsibilities tasked to newly hired chefs include line prep, facility cleanliness, and waste management. Depending on available staff and time of day, ancillary responsibilities, such as dishwashing, may accompany central duties. Since some locations offer 24-hour room service, new labourers should expect night hours to comprise work schedules. The top position for hotel kitchens, head chef oversees food production. Basic duties include hiring and creating schedules along with ordering food and coordinating meal creation. While head chefs may earn up to £30,000 annually, entry-level chef wages hover around £6.00 and £7.00 per hour.

Waiter/Bar Representative – Wait staff enjoy national minimum wage standards. A potentially lucrative position, waiting requires acute customer service awareness. The range of duties often required of wait staff involves recording patron orders, filling drink orders, maintaining cleanly dining environments, and stoking social and friendly atmospheres. Applicants should expect occasional interactions with unruly customers and must react accordingly. Politeness and attentiveness remain key goals for superior servers.

Britannia Hotels Job Benefits
Work benefits may include access to pension schemes and holiday programmes competitively packaged for labourer welfare. Discount weekend breaks remain accessible for qualified individuals, as well. Employees may also enjoy free or discounted meals while on the clock. Though job benefits vary depending on position and rank within the company, most associates enjoy the benefit of requesting days off in advance.

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Individuals may apply for fixed-term and permanent positions, while secondment work often remains available, as well. Entry-level jobs include housekeeper, cook, wait staff, and porter positions. Basic work requirements for each position involve customer service abilities. As guests remain the central focus of operations, each associate must possess the ability to positively interact with strangers and exude helpful, forthcoming personalities. Personal hygiene must also take precedence, as individuals dressing inappropriately and looking unclean do not promote customer satisfaction. In addition to customer service, individual positions require specialised skills sets and pay proportionally.

Candidates may search available positions online or inquire within specific locations. Requesting the counsel of respective hiring managers shows appropriate motivation and increases the likelihood of obtaining an interview. Once hired, associates should expect fast-paced work environments alongside high social interaction. Schedules remain varied, with senior associates generally receiving scheduling preferences. However, due to hours of operation, managers often accommodate personal schedules.

Founded in 1976, Britannia Hotels began as a single hotel in South Manchester. By May of 2012, the company boasted a little more than 40 locations throughout Britain. Preferring renovation of past hotels instead of constructing new ones, the company boasts individually crafted looks and themes for each hotel. As of June 2015, 47 properties operate under the Britannia name.

Typical lodging services remain available for patrons. Free services include internet, daily paper provided in public lobbies, and parking. Some locations feature restaurants and bars, dry cleaning, and laundry facilities. Patrons may expect rooms accommodated with television, coffee makers, hair dryers and ironing boards. 24-hour room service and pet-friendly rooms remain available at select locations, as well. Holidaymakers may take interest in distinct arrays of bundle packages, which include taxi services in addition to various perks such as complimentary champagne bottles. Various themes presented may include country western breaks, 1960s breaks, and pamper breaks.

Britannia Hotels remains an independent company. Annual turnover sits around £70 million and continues to increase with further expansion efforts. Specializing in renovations and other restorative efforts, the company buys existing hotel properties to customize each property.

Minimum age to work at Britannia Hotels: 18

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