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As one of the largest petrol companies, British Petroleum, or BP, constantly hires to maintain a global workforce. Over 80,000 employees currently work for the corporation. Roughly 1,000 filling stations operate in the U.K. alone. Plentiful entry-level jobs remain accessible through the employer, including cashier, car washer, and maintenance positions. In addition, professional careers in corporate fields like management, administration, engineering, finance, and marketing prove consistently obtainable for experienced applicants.

Available BP Positions and Salary Information
The petrol corporation remains a desirable and accessible place to work for applicants throughout the United Kingdom. In addition to industry-competitive pay and flexible scheduling options, workers often receive advancement opportunities over time with the company. The following BP jobs regularly prove available to employment hopefuls:

Cashier – Cashiers provide customer service and process monetary transactions inside petrol stations. Primary responsibilities include distributing change and receipts, greeting customers upon entry, and answering directional questions. Employees may also need to clean work areas and restock store shelves during slower periods of business. Positions generally stand accessible to job seekers 18 years of age and older regardless of other qualifications. Cashiers normally start out making minimum wage and may receive pay raises with time and excellent job performance.

Car Washer – As the name suggests, car washers clean and polish vehicles for customers. Depending on the location, employees may wash vehicles by hand, oversee the use of automated car washes, or a combination of the two methods. In addition to washing, workers may need to polish, dry, and shine automobiles. The jobs represent excellent opportunities for entry-level hopefuls to gain experience in the filling station industry. Car washers earn about £5.00 an hour.

Management – Managers oversee store operations and supervise staff members. Store managers stand responsible for particular, assigned locations, while assistant managers aid store managers. Duties may include hiring and firing workers, providing training and feedback to current employees, aiding with till duties during extremely busy periods, and ensuring the safe and secure operation of stores. Employees must follow proper safety procedures to adhere to legal standards. Generally, candidates must possess previous management experience to stand eligible for petrol station manager jobs, though the company sometimes promotes from within. Assistant managers earn around £6.50 per hour on average, while store managers make about £24,000 annually.

BP Job Benefits
As a major corporation, BP offers extensive job benefits programmes for eligible workers. Insurance coverage usually includes medical, life, vision, disability, and dental plans. For employees with families, the company offers dependent care options, maternity and paternity leave, and adoption assistance along with flexible hours to maintain work/life balance. To help qualified associates save for the future, financial job benefits such as pension schemes, stock purchase options stand available, as well.

In addition to the work benefits mentioned, the company promotes professional development incentives for employees. Extensive paid training programmes include formal and informal mentoring to help workers grow as members of a team. Advancement opportunities prove frequently available, as well. The corporation desires committed workers for long-term careers with the filling station chain.

More Information
The company remains a lucrative source of employment for entry-level applicants. Job seekers with friendly personalities, customer-service-oriented attitudes, and basic knowledge of the petrol industry regularly obtain work with the filling station chain. For higher positions, candidates should possess insight into supply and demand as well as more comprehensive training in relevant skillsets. Previous job experience in the industry greatly improves chances of hire, as well.

For most corporate opportunities, the company maintains an in-depth online job platform. Employment seekers may typically fill out hiring forms in person, as well. In addition, recruiters often solicit applicants on college campuses or in other high-traffic areas. For entry-level jobs, in-person applications remain the standard method. Candidates may visit BP stations and politely ask employees for the documents. After filling out the forms completely and honestly, hopefuls wait to hear back from hiring managers about interviews to complete the employment process. Applicants may also follow up by phone or in-person to check on the status of submitted documents.

Founded as a result of and expedition to Persia, which turned up a fortuitous amount of oil, the company began in 1908. William D’Arcy established the company as Anglo-Persian Oil. Throughout the years, the corporation grew and underwent several re-brandings. Ultimately, the business prospered and became a leading petrol chain used by millions of consumers worldwide. Operations continue across more than 70 countries worldwide.

Products & Services
The company operates on several multifaceted levels. Predominantly, BP retails petrol to consumers for automobiles. The chain operates both corporate-owned and franchised filling stations, which offer food, drinks, and other convenience store fare, as well. Shipping remains another prominent aspect of the business. As of 2014, around 50 international vessels operated under the company name. In addition, the corporation deals in acetyls, bitumen, asphalt, and crude oil.

BP operates as a public limited company. Interested parties may buy and sell company shares through the London Stock Exchange. Shares trade under the call sign BP. In addition to the namesake filling stations, the business manages the profitable brands Castrol, Aral, ampm, and Wild Bean Cafe. Between all endeavors, the corporation maintains an operating cash flow of £32.8 billion.

Minimum age to work at BP: 18

Official Site: www.bp.com/en/global/corporate/careers/locations/uk.html

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