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Established in 1849, Boots enjoys a long tradition of continued success. The British pharmacy chain constantly needs to hire new workers in order to sustain the storied tradition and facilitate future growth. With such an extensive national network of stores, Boots provides British job seekers with readily accessible opportunities for employment. The diversity of store formats gives prospective employees the luxury of choosing the most compatible work environment when applying for Boots jobs. In 2013, The Sunday Times recognized Boots as one of the 25 Best Big Companies to Work For.

Boots Job Titles and Salary Information
A majority of jobs most frequently available at Boots stores include entry-level customer assistant and consultant positions. Boots also regularly hires experienced workers to serve as assistant and store managers. The chain of pharmacies maintains a minimum hiring age of 18 for most positions. While Boots offers career opportunities for skilled pharmacists and optometrists, the following list outlines the most popular entry-level and managerial jobs available at shop locations:

Customer Assistant – As the job title reveals, customer assistants work directly with shoppers on the sales floors of Boots stores. Workers recommend products based on customer needs, locate items for shoppers, and replenish store shelves. Other job duties include cleaning stores, ringing up purchases on the tills, and publicizing in-store promotions. Employees with specialized knowledge and skills frequently work as advisors or consultants in designated store departments. Prospective associates need to hold previous customer service experience to receive hiring consideration for Boots customer assistant jobs. The entry-level position often comes with flexible, part-time schedules featuring a variety of work shifts, including weekends. Boots typically pays customer assistants between £6.00 and £8.00 per hour.

Dispensing Assistant – The next step up from entry-level customer assistant jobs, dispensing assistant positions involve supporting and promoting the pharmacy services Boots stores provide. Employees work under supervision of certified Boots pharmacists. Basic job responsibilities include explaining and recommending various health services, handling customer queries, and distributing medicines properly. Dispensing assistants also order inventory and advise customers on general medical issues. Potential workers should possess outstanding customer service skills gained from previous experience working in pharmacies. Flexible schedule availability also serves as a major hiring requirement. More than half of Boots dispensing assistants work part-time. Pay rates for Boots pharmacy support positions generally range from £7.00 to £9.00 an hour.

Management – Store managers and assistant managers work to maintain successful commercial operations and high standards of customer service at each Boots location. The management team serves as ambassadors for the Boots brand and constantly looks for opportunities to drive sales and improve store performance. Additional job duties include hiring and training new associates, scheduling employees for work, motivating customer assistants during work shifts, and ensuring storewide customer satisfaction. Prospective assistant managers should hold extensive retail experience and at least Math and English GCSE grade C. Job seekers pursuing store manager careers must also possess prior retail management experience. Demonstrated leadership skills, friendly personalities, and the ability to work flexible, full-time hours also prove necessary for managerial employment at Boots. Annual salary options vary according to job title, experience, and location. Assistant managers typically start out making around £20,000 per year, while Boots store managers generally earn between £35,000 and £40,000 in annual salary.

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Benefits of Working at Boots
Boots ranks among the 25 Best Big Companies to Work For largely due to the availability of several employment benefits. The pharmacy chain offers competitive wages designed to increase as employees develop professionally. Boots encourages career advancement and subsequent salary increases by maintaining the Stepping Stones professional development programme, which gives workers access to tailored training modules.

Employees at Boots stores also enjoy merchandise discounts of up to 22.5%. Boots gives workers discounts on over 100 external products and services as well, including childcare vouchers, health insurance, electronics, sports and fitness amenities, and travel arrangements. Other financial benefits available to eligible associates include bonus and pension schemes. Boots also offers confidential employee assistance programmes through Positive People Company (PPC).

More Information
Boots UK, or simply Boots, oversees a chain of retail outlets specializing in health and beauty products and, in most cases, pharmacy services. The major retailer operates more than 2,400 stores throughout the United Kingdom, with over 2,300 locations containing pharmacies. Boots also maintains extensive international operations in eight other countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The pharmacy chain merged with Alliance UniChem in 2006, which ultimately formed the Alliance Boots parent company. Roughly 55,000 entry-level associates and seasoned professionals work at Boots stores in the UK.

With thousands of store locations conveniently positioned nationwide, Boots offers easy access to essential healthcare products and services. The company estimates that about 90% of the UK population lives within 10 minutes of a Boots store. Customers take advantage of four different Boots store formats: flagship stores with the widest range of products and services available, health and beauty stores primarily found in popular shopping areas, local pharmacy stores located in smaller communities, and airport stores to meet the last-minute needs of travelers.

John Boot opened the first Boots store in Nottingham, England, in 1849. The initial location sold homemade herbal remedies to industrial workers unable to afford professional medical services. After experiencing success as an herbal store and opening locations in other cities, Boots began to hire qualified pharmacists in 1884. The pharmacy chain enjoyed notable growth between 1890 and 1914, expanding from 10 stores to more than 550. In 2006, after nearly a century of continued expansion, Boots merged with Alliance UniChem to form the health and beauty retail division of newly created parent company Alliance Boots. The parent company announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Walgreen Co., the largest chain of drugstores in the United States, in 2012.

Products and Services
Boots stores offer a wide range of health and beauty products from both internationally recognized brands and personal-label brands. The pharmacy chain serves as the exclusive retailer of No7 makeup, which holds the largest share of the British cosmetics and skincare market. Other bestselling brands available exclusively at Boots include Soltan sun cream and Almus generic drugs. Store locations also feature full ranges of beauty accessories and toiletries for men, women, children, and babies. Boots pharmacies dispense over 220 million items each year and also provide an array of healthcare services, including medicines check-ups, online prescription ordering, and programmes for smokers and drug users. Select pharmacy locations operate as Midnight Pharmacies and maintain extended business hours.

A private company, Boots formally operates as Boots UK Limited. Parent company Alliance Boots maintains ownership of the British pharmacy chain, which produces more than £6.2 billion in revenue per year. Boots remains headquartered in Nottingham, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Boots: 18

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  • Samantha Nigh says:

    My first job was with Boots when I worked after school for three afternoons replenishing shelves, moving on to a Saturday job serving on the otc medicines and till operator. I loved it and it was my first step into employment.

    • Jamimah kamali says:

      Hey how old were u when u worked with boots?

  • Kim King says:

    I worked for Boots in Lakeside for 3 years. It was a great place to work for, the people were friendly and the training was so interesting. I am still friends with old colleagues today.

  • Anna johnson says:

    July 2004 till September 2006 I enjoyed my service at boots. I left to do night’s which suited me at the time with my daughter. I have missed working for boots, it’s a very good company to work for.

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