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Flying passengers to about 20 destinations around Europe, bmi regional offers affordable airfare and boasts awards for consistently engineering punctual flights. As a result of company success, jobs remain readily available for proactive, motivated employment hunters. Offering permanent, fixed-term, and secondment opportunities, the airliner typically allows labourers to work around difficult personal schedules. Employees gain access to attractive job benefits accompanied by industry-standard compensation packages as well as favourable chances for promotions. Career possibilities continue for entry-level labourers willing to exert efforts beyond minimum requirements.

bmi regional Jobs and Wage Information
Candidates may apply online or in person. Both methods require resume and cover letter submissions. Familiarity with airline procedures raises individual chances of obtaining employment; however, due to extensive training programmes, basic levels of customer service experience may suffice. Common positions easily accessible for entry-level workers sit below:

Service Agents – Responsible for checking tickets and resolving customer complaints, service agents must present likable characters and dress appropriately. Additional primary tasks include directing customers to proper gates for entry, answering questions, and booking flights. Service agents must remain up-to-date on flight information in order to assist customers and provide detailed arrival and departure information. Expertise in computers remains desirable, as a majority of job duties necessitate computer use. Gate agents may expect hourly wages to begin around £7.00.

Flight Attendant – Providing customer service during flights, flight crews ensure superior levels of customer satisfaction. Readying and delivering beverages, snacks, and meals, labourers also clean and dispose of rubbish left behind in aisle ways, seats, and dustbins. In charge of safety, associates must ensure each passenger follows safety rules for successful take-off and landing procedures. Bilingual candidates receive preference over individuals with only one language proficiency. Typical for most airlines, candidates displaying piercings, tattoos, or unsightly body modifications receive no hiring consideration. Flight attendants usually begin earning about £8.00 an hour.

Grounds Crew – On average, pay begins at £7.00 per hour. Typical duties entail loading and unloading baggage, while using automotive equipment. Employees must work speedily to ensure departure and arrival times stay on schedule. As the most physically demanding airline job available at bmi regional, labourers must lift 25 kilograms consistently and endure extended time on foot. Additional regular activities include climbing, balancing, kneeling, and assisting disabled passengers. Specific vision requirements persist, as well. Prospective employees should expect work in varying types of both reasonable and inclement weather. Labourers must follow safety protocols without question and possess valid driving permits for vehicle operation.

bmi regional Job Benefits
In addition to excellent core benefits, labourers enjoy access to discounted travel packages for friends and family. Affiliated services also contribute discounts including dining and transportation services. Colleagues also enjoy pension schemes and income protection. Access to childcare vouchers may prove available as well as continued training to enhance management capabilities. As the airline generally operates in cultural hot spots, workers may also enjoy access to various amenities offered by area businesses.

More Information
Job hopefuls seeking diversity and travel opportunities find exciting work with bmi regional. Roles available range from grounds crew jobs to in-flight attendant positions, while pilot opportunities persist for qualified individuals, as well. Typical job openings require associates to engage in friendly public discourse and consistently provide quality customer service. Less community interaction persists for grounds crew, though interpersonal skills remain desirable, as workers must function as part of teams. Many positions offer in-depth paid training as well as managerial preparation for promising workers.

Past experience and personal skills often dictate worker roles and compensation packages. Several positions may require A-Level educations, whereas management roles often demand university completion. Additional benchmarks, such as criminal background checks, passports, and proof of U.K. residency may prove necessary. Applicants should consult application documents for specific role requirements.

Formally known as Business Air and British Midland Commuter, bmi regional began operations in 1987. The company changed hands in 1997 and again in 2012 sparking innovative changes leading to the highest yields of customers since inception. More than 400 staff members assist in the operation and maintenance of the independent company. The Embraer 135 and 145 comprise the 18 planes in the airline fleet.

In-flight services include food and beverages, magazines, and complimentary drinks and snacks. Advance seat selection and increased baggage allowance remain included for economy flexible passengers in addition to basic services. Valued members may also choose to wait in the company lounge areas, which feature free television and WiFi, fax machines, photocopiers, dataports, and personal boarding service. Private charter jets may prove accessible upon request.

The airliner carried more than 400,000 passengers in just under 20,000 total flights in 2014, which sits much higher than the first year of operations when the airline carried 97,000 passengers in more than 20,000 flights. To increase profits and growth, bmi regional continues to add flight destinations around Europe.

Minimum Age to Work at bmi regional: 18

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