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With thousands of restaurants in the Blimpie network, each store employs dozens of workers for everyday tasks and duties. Blimpie managers and owners frequently look to hire new employees for a number of part-time, full-time, and even seasonal positions. Previous fast food work may help a number of entry-level and first-time job seekers. However, plenty of career opportunities exist with Blimpie as well for potential candidates. Individuals may access online job application details or visit the nearest Blimpie store to begin the hiring process.

Available Blimpie Positions and Salary Information
Prospective Blimpie employees may search online through the company website for the nearest restaurant or any preferred location. After visiting the desired Blimpie store in-person, potential workers then complete an official application form. Standard information required includes name, address, contact information, and availability to work. The most important details on form include work history, job skills, and personal and professional character references. Job seekers must complete the job application to earn hiring consideration for Blimpie jobs like:

Crew Member – Crew members with Blimpie mostly help create sandwiches and other menu items. New hires often receive training at the start of employment from senior associates. The main objective for Blimpie crew members typically includes preparing food, but the position requires many other responsibilities. Workers also interact with customers and ring up food orders. Blimpie team members clean restaurant kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms, as well. Crew members typically start out earning minimum wage, though earnings may increase to as high as £9.00 or £10.00 an hour with experience and promotion.

Senior Crew Member – Senior crew members for Blimpie perform many of the same tasks as entry-level workers. However, senior associates train new recruits, as well. Individuals relay store policies and procedures to newer team members as well as sandwich creation and customer service skills. Senior crew members also help Blimpie store managers select applicants during the hiring process. The position often leads to opportunities in management and other leadership positions. Hourly rates for senior crew members with Blimpie begin around £10.00 per hour, with gradual increases based on merit and job performance.

Store Manager – Store managers oversee every facet of Blimpie restaurants. Since many Blimpie stores in Britain operate as franchised locations, owners often double as store managers. Responsible for business operations, administrative tasks for Blimpie managers include scheduling, payroll, budgeting, and filing. Among the workforce, managers frequently tackle issues regarding employee relations as well as customer satisfaction. Managers often cycle through applications, conduct interviews with potential candidates, and make final hiring decisions. Individuals also help orient new workers to Blimpie locations. Due to the massive amount of responsibility, Blimpie store managers enjoy significant salary options. Earnings largely depend on store performance and location, but salary rates may range anywhere from £30,000 to £45,000 annually.

Benefits of Working at Blimpie UK
Many Blimpie stores offer several rewards and job benefits to eligible employees. Due to Blimpie restaurants primarily franchise-owned in the United Kingdom, managers may use discretion when offering work benefits. Many employment benefits carry several eligibility requirements, such as employment status, experience with the company, and job title. Job perks common among Blimpie workers include medical, financial, and lifestyle assurances. Parent company Kahala usually sponsors employee benefits.

Medical benefits available to qualified Blimpie associates largely consist of insurance schemes. Interested workers may enroll in comprehensive vision, dental, prescription drug, and general health and wellness schemes. Other work benefits available include discounts on meals, direct deposit for paychecks, savings accounts, and paid training. Additionally, Blimpie employees receive complimentary uniforms. Holiday and leaves of absence operate under a system of seniority. For example, part-time workers may only receive a few personal days, while full-time team members may receive as much as two weeks holiday. Many Blimpie stores remain flexible with scheduling and availability of associates.

More Information
In addition to Blimpie America’s Sub Shop operations in the United States, the sandwich chain also maintains an international presence in other markets, such as the United Kingdom and Kuwait. Franchised Blimpie stores throughout the world provide customers with dozens of submarine sandwiches and other deli items. Blimpie traditionally operates in venues like convenience stores, gas stations, universities, and office buildings as well as standalone stores. International storefronts account for roughly 1,100 locations of 2,000 total Blimpie shops.

Blimpie’s menu largely features dozens of submarine sandwiches and wraps. The restaurant chain includes traditional deli subs and hot subs along with wraps, Paninis, and grilled subs. Blimpie uses fresh ingredients ranging from meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces. The fast food restaurant chain also uses a variety of fresh breads and flour tortillas. For customers looking for an alternative to deli subs, Blimpie offers several salads options. Blimpie even offers kid’s menus.

Blimpie’s first opened in Hoboken, NJ, in the early 1960s. Founders named the company Blimpie due to the sandwiches’ similarity to blimps. Throughout the rest of the 1960s, Blimpie mainly operated throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas, such as Manhattan, Philadelphia, and other cities on the American East Coast. Over the next two decades, Blimpie began franchise operations across America in order to expand the Blimpie name. Towards the end of the 1990s, Blimpie began international expansion. The first Blimpie location in the United Kingdom opened in 1996 in Bristol, England.

The Blimpie menu features several classic submarine sandwiches. Some of the more popular choices from Blimpie include turkey clubs, meatball marinara, BLT, roast beef, tuna, Philly cheese steaks, and vegetarian-only options. Customers may add drinks and side dishes to meals, including soft drinks, bottled water, chips, side salads, and desserts. For health-conscious individuals, Blimpie uses the Healthy Dining Finder program, which offers nutritional recommendations from the restaurant menu.

The Kahala Corporation currently owns and operates the Blimpie brand. Based out of Scottsdale, AZ, USA, Kahala also owns Cold Stone Creamery, Great Steak, Taco Time, and Surf City Squeeze among others. In addition to the UK, Blimpie locations operate in more than 15 countries, such as Canada, Kuwait, China, and Japan. A majority of annual revenue stems from fees paid by independent franchise owners. Blimpie generates in upwards of$350 million in annual revenues. Corporate offices for the international sub shop chain reside in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Minimum age to work at Blimpie: 16

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