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Operating in the U.K. since 1978, Best Western hotels provide comfort and lodging for millions of people every year. Thousands of hospitality jobs resulting from brand popularity become available for qualified individuals. Offering three tiers of lodging experiences, the chain offers guests ranges of amenities scaled appropriately in price. Solely managed as a franchised operation, the hotel chain requires owners to meet basic hotel qualifications and encourages hoteliers to provide top-notch services through incentives programmes, which largely include the treatment of employees. Complaints logged with the corporation accompany fees incrementally issued for repeat offenders, often curbing errant or unprofessional behavior in labourers.

Best Western Jobs and Salary Information
While subordinate roles seldom require technical certifications or educational benchmarks, management roles may present difficulties for aspirants lacking A-Level qualifications. However, candidates as young as 16 may gain employment with the hotel franchise with appropriate permits. The following positions often prove obtainable for aspiring hotel labourers:

Housekeeping – Cleanly maintenance practices comprise a majority of daily housekeeping activities. Often working alone, housekeepers go from room to room making beds, disposing of trash, disinfecting bathrooms, dusting, and vacuuming carpets. Housekeepers fare well in the hiring process with at least basic knowledge of cleaning supplies and demonstration of personable character traits. Staff must adhere to guest privacy standards and remain honest and trustworthy when working around valuables left in personal quarters. Labourers may expect occasional tips in addition to typical base pay of around £6.00 per hour.

Receptionist – Socially adept hotel labourers excel in receptionist roles. The job title requires associates to ensure accurate guest bookings, oversee monetary transactions, provide taxi and reservation information, highlight nearby attractions, and accommodate additional patron requests. Administration skills greatly enhance probability of hire for applicants, as computer software remains heavily used for logging booking information. During slow evening hours, receptionists may expect work unaccompanied by additional staff and take on additional duties like breakfast preparation. Beginning at roughly £6.00 per hour, receptionists may earn promotions and raises by way of hard work and displaying interest in undertaking additional responsibility.

Luggage Porter – Working in conjunction with reception teams, luggage porters remain responsible for transporting customer baggage to and from rooms, as needed. Additional priorities involve understanding local cultures and readily offering information upon guest inquiries. Working closely with guest requests, labourers should possess adequate listening and comprehension skills. In addition, porters often provide assistance to each hotel department when needed. Earning around national minimum wage, porters may also earn tips for services rendered.

Best Western Job Benefits
Since each hotel remains independently operated, Best Western hotels offer varying work benefits. Pension schemes and holidays remain popular labour benefits enjoyed by company lodging associates. Additionally, the extent of each job benefit depends on positioning within particular locations. Labourers with greater seniority generally receive greater employee benefits than newly hired individuals, while skilled positions offer additional rewards befitting individual contributions to the company. Eligible associates also receive access to discounted travel and lodging rates with affiliate businesses. Access to free meals while on the clock, paid training, complimentary uniforms, and reward schemes persist at many locations to increase productivity.

More Information
Hotel operations require fast-paced efforts from each worker to provide the best customer service possible. While interpersonal skills assist job hopefuls, hiring managers also desire consistency, open schedule availability, and superior listening and comprehension skills. The best way to gain employment at a Best Western hotel includes checking particular franchise websites or inquiring within specific establishments. Hiring requirements remain unique for each location; however, typical entry-level hotel openings within the company require little-to-no experience. Job hopefuls should present clean, hygienic appearances when meeting hiring staff in person and remain aware of peak hours to ensure staff remember candidate faces.

Beginning in entry-level roles, labourers may construct profitable career paths, as onboarding procedures usually offer job training for multiple positions. Trainees may begin instruction for reception desks and also gain knowledge of luggage porter responsibilities. Knowledge of duties for several positions ensures the completion of tasks in case of coworker absences. As promotions become available for senior associates, employees with diverse knowledge of the company win priority for available jobs.

The hotel chain began as separate businesses actively referring one another for increased business. Soon after organising under one brand, Best Western became the largest motel chain in the United States. Continued growth sparked the change in hotel classification. The franchise first appeared in the U.K. in 1978. After years of European growth, the company boasts roughly 270 U.K. locations and continues to excel in the industry. In 2014 alone, the lodging services provider garnered 30 HSMAI Adrian Awards and 26 Travel Weekly Magellan awards.

Services available at locations depend on the addition of plus or premier to the name. Basic amenities, such as free local calls, breakfast, cable television, coffeemakers, and free WiFi remain available as part of stays at each hotel. Best Western Plus also provides additions like fitness rooms, swimming pools, business rooms, and onsite laundry. Travelers lodging in Best Western Premier hotels should expect onsite dining, upscale rooms, meeting rooms, and upgraded televisions.

Best Western remains a prominent hotel chain in over 100 countries. More than 4,000 individually owned and operated hotels provide service for holidaymakers throughout the world. Since 2005, the hotel franchise averages more than £500,000 in sales per day through online booking services only. The company reports total annual turnover exceeding £4 billion.

Minimum age to work at Best Western UK: 16

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