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Bella Italia operates a chain of restaurants in the United Kingdom. The company maintains more than 80 restaurant locations across the country. As the name indicates, Bella Italia specializes in Italian cuisine. The restaurant chain offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections, which provides British consumers daylong access to authentic Italian dishes. Part of the Tragus Group collection of restaurants, Bella Italia serves as a sister brand to eight other popular British restaurant chains, including Belgo, Cafe Rouge, and Strada.

Available Bella Italia Jobs and Salary Info
Available in part-time or full-time capacities, jobs at Bella Italia feature flexible work schedules, competitive pay scales, and potential for career development. While the Italian restaurant chain imposes a minimum hiring age of 16 for entry-level positions, managerial employment opportunities often come with more restrictive age requirements. Prospective employees may apply online at the Bella Italia careers website for the following jobs:

Waiting Staff – Waiting staff work in the front of house at Bella Italia restaurants. Workers mainly perform various customer service duties. Job responsibilities include greeting guests and taking orders, communicating food and beverage orders to kitchen employees, and serving meals to customers. Waiting staff associates also process sales transactions on the till and clean dining areas. Job seekers applying for entry-level waiting staff positions at Bella Italia should possess enthusiastic personalities, neatly groomed appearances, and flexible work schedule availability. Previous restaurant experience often increases chances for employment. Hourly pay rates for Bella Italia waiting staff jobs hover around the national minimum wage. Workers also have the opportunity to earn tips from customers.

Chef –Bella Italia chefs work exclusively in the kitchen and fulfill customer orders. Employees regularly operate standard cooking equipment like grills, fryers, ovens, and stovetops. Chef jobs primarily involve gathering ingredients and following recipes to prepare menu items according to company and customer specifications. Associates also clean work stations and maintain inventory. Prospective workers need good personal hygiene and basic knowledge of food preparation. While entry-level chef jobs generally carry minimal hiring requirements, sous chef and head chef positions usually require previous culinary experience. Bella Italia typically pays entry-level and sous chefs between £6.00 and £9.00 an hour, depending on experience and job title. Head chefs receive salary options generally ranging from £18,000 to £21,000 per year.

Management – Managers at Bella Italia oversee all areas of daily restaurant operations. Each restaurant location hires supervisors and assistant managers to work under an overall general manager. Supervisors assist with the training and development of new associates, manage entry-level employees during work shifts, and serve customers as needed. Essential job duties for assistant and general managers include recruiting and hiring new workers, motivating employees to deliver consistently excellent levels of customer service, and ensuring the achievement of restaurant sales goals and profit targets. Previous restaurant management experience serves as the primary qualification for managerial employment at Bella Italia restaurants. Applicants usually need flexible, full-time schedule availability and the ability to work extended hours when necessary. Pay scales for Bella Italia managers vary by job title, experience, and restaurant location. Supervisors earn hourly pay generally falling between £7.50 and £9.00. Annual salary rates for assistant managers typically range from £17,000 to £23,000, while Bella Italia general managers often enjoy yearly salaries of £25,000 or more.

Benefits of Working at Bella Italia
Bella Italia extends several employment benefits to workers of all career levels. Entry-level waiting staff and chef employees gain access to free meals during work shifts, discount cards, and on-job training and development. Bella Italia offers structured training programmes and maintains a dedicated team of training specialists to ensure the professional development of motivated associates.

Restaurant managers and other eligible employees at Bella Italia take advantage of additional job benefits. Bella Italia provides bonus schemes with unlimited earning potential for qualified workers. The Italian restaurant chain also extends pension and referral schemes to associates eligible for work benefits. Private health care stands readily available for general managers.

More Information
The success of Bella Italia starts with diverse menu options suitable for any time of day. Bella Italia restaurants prove equally ideal for morning cappuccinos before work, efficient business lunches, and intimate dinner dates. The Italian restaurant chain also accommodates families by offering special activities and menu selections for children. After assuming ownership of the brand in 2002, the Tragus Group launched a comprehensive campaign to modernize and transform the Bella Italia concept. The parent company continues to update Bella Italia restaurants by introducing broader menus, contemporary Italian art, and outdoor seating areas at select locations.

As the Bella Italia brand continuously evolves and expands, British job seekers enjoy ample opportunities to work for a successful and revitalized restaurant chain. Bella Italia maintains formal plans to grow organically and frequently needs to hire workers to fill available jobs at newly opened restaurants. Existing locations also conduct frequent hiring due to natural employee turnover and the renewed popularity of the Bella Italia brand among restaurant goers throughout the UK. Bella Italia offers entry-level employment ideal for inexperienced workers and management positions for job seekers pursuing rewarding careers in the restaurant industry.

The history of Bella Italia starts with the Pastificio restaurant chain. In 1991, the newly formed company BrightReasons purchased Pastificio and rebranded the chain as Bella Pasta. The Tragus Group acquired Bella Pasta in 2002, subsequently changing the name to the current Bella Italia moniker. New ownership also initiated a successful overhaul of the Bella Italia brand, resulting in increased new levels of interest in the Italian restaurant chain. Bella Italia operates more than 80 restaurants across the United Kingdom and continues to modernize and update each location.

Focusing on authentic Italian cuisine, the Bella Italia menu largely revolves around pizza and pasta. Bella Italia also offers other classic Italian dishes like antipasto, bruschetta, Milanese chicken, and multiple varieties of calzones. The varied menu features full selections of grilled chicken, steaks, and burgers, as well. Popular breakfast items include pastries, eggs, toasted ciabatta, and hot Italian beverages like cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes. Bella Italia restaurants also boast a wide range of traditional Italian desserts and wines.

Privately held, Bella Italia operates under ownership of the Tragus Group. The parent company owns eight other British restaurant chains, which combine to generate more than $285 million in annual sales. Bella Italia maintains corporate headquarters with the Tragus Group in London, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Bella Italia: 16

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