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Beefeater Grill restaurants strive for a design somewhere between casual and upscale. The pub-style chain attracts customers across Britain from various backgrounds. Inspiration for the restaurant chain came from the Yeomen Warders Palace Guards, popularly known as “Beefeaters.” Owned by restaurant company Whitbread, Beefeater Grill maintains around 130 locations across the U.K.

Available Beefeater Grill Jobs and Salary Information
Employment with Beefeater Grill primarily goes through Whitbread, the parent company of the restaurant. The restaurant operator features a simple and streamlined online application process for interested job seekers. Candidates may apply online for numerous entry-level positions and advanced career opportunities available at Beefeater Grill restaurants. The majority of Beefeater Grill jobs require excellent customer service and communication skills, as well as attentiveness, flexible schedule availability, and positive attitudes. Popular restaurant jobs available at Beefeater Grill include:

Server – Servers with Beefeater Grill take on the greatest responsibility of providing an excellent dining experience for each customer. Employees greet customers, fulfill food and drink orders, and ring up all purchases, tending to any and all guest needs throughout the meal. Essential skills required of successful Beefeater Grill servers include attention to detail, problem-solving skills, patience, and an even temperament when dealing with various customers. Hourly pay for Beefeater Grill servers generally ranges from £6.00 to £7.00, with the possibility for tips and gratuities.

Line Cook – For the most part, cook jobs and other kitchen positions with Beefeater Grill may require previous restaurant experience or training. However, motivated job seekers may earn employment opportunities as a line cook or apprentice chef. For the position, new hires receive training on creating items from the Beefeater Grill menu. Line cooks and culinary experts with Beefeater Grill routinely work in a loud, fast-paced, and hectic environment and must have the ability to adapt quickly to such an atmosphere. Most entry-level line cooks make £8.00 to £10.00 an hour and earn higher pay rates with experience and additional training.

Bartender – When hiring bartenders, Beefeater Grill looks for prospective workers with classy attitudes in line with the atmosphere the restaurant chain promotes. As the job title indicates, bartenders serve all kinds of beverages, including multiple beers, cocktails, margaritas, and an extensive selection of wines. Since the United Kingdom does not require bartending licenses, applicants must demonstrate expertise in drink mixing. Bartenders with Beefeater Grill commonly earn £8.00 to £9.00 an hour and occasionally receive tips for impeccable service.

Manager – Several management careers exist at Beefeater Grill. Main job duties required of management workers involve monitoring entry-level associates, customer relations, and the financial situation of restaurant locations. Previous restaurant experience remains the most important hiring requirement for managerial candidates to meet. Typically, current Beefeater Grill team members receive the greatest chances for employment, though applicants from other restaurants with the proper qualifications may receive equal hiring consideration. Each Beefeater Grill management team consists of one general manager and multiple assistant managers. Common duties restaurant managers may expect to perform include processing payroll, scheduling employees for work, analyzing financial reports to ensure restaurant profitability, and interviewing and hiring new associates for job vacancies. Many Beefeater Grill managers receive extensive salary options, ranging from £17,000 per year for assistant managers, to as high as £30,000 annually for general managers.

Benefits of Working at Beefeater Grill
Many workers at Beefeater Grill take advantage of several familiar and unique job benefits while employed for the British restaurant chain. Whitbread, the parent company of Beefeater Grill and other subsidiaries, implements many of the work benefits available to employees, including medical and financial schemes. Other employment benefits, such as discounts and vacation time, vary according to specific restaurant locations. Throughout the application, interview, and hiring processes, applicants may uncover additional information regarding employee benefits available at Beefeater Grill.

Beefeater Grill boasts highly competitive pay scales for the restaurant industry. Many locations give out performance rewards, bonuses, and raises for great service. The company hands out vacation time based on employment status and experience with Beefeater Grill. Initially, each associate earns 25 holidays throughout the year. Through a partnership with BUPA health system, Beefeater Grill employees may utilize extensive healthcare options. The company also features a contributory pension scheme for workers taking a larger interest in planning for future security.

More Information
Beefeater Grill aims to provide fun, delicious meals at an affordable price. The restaurant chain features dozens of appetizers, entrees, side orders, and desserts. Classic menu items served at Beefeater Grill include steaks, chicken, burgers, pasta, and salads. Beefeater Grill also carries a value menu and kids menu, with a full range of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Employees prepare all food from scratch using fresh ingredients, high-quality meats, and homemade sauces and seasonings.

Headquarters for Beefeater Grill reside in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. The Beefeater Grill workforce consists of hundreds of servers, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers, bussers, supervisors, and managers. With 130 locations and new establishments opening regularly, Beefeater Grill routinely hires new workers. Prospective associates interested in restaurant industry jobs may find energetic and rewarding work with Beefeater Grill.

When Whitbread Brewery created the Beefeater Grill concept in 1974, the company had a fairly simple vision: simple food at affordable prices. Initially a poor seller, Beefeater Grill originally operated out of previously closed restaurants, using much of the same designs and aesthetics as previous inhabitants. In the mid-2000s, The Beefeater Grill brand began a complete overhaul, replacing nearly all locations with a more upscale and modern design. Over time, the Beefeater Grill menu continued to grow, offering a larger variety of both food and prices, a far cry from the original objectives of the restaurant chain.

To reach as many customers as possible, Beefeater Grill’s menu features dozens of options. However, owing to the name of the establishment, Beefeater Grill carries a rather significant selection of steak and beef dishes. The restaurant chain holds several promotions throughout the year and maintains reward cards for frequent customers. For customers adhering to a specific diet, whether for general health or allergen reasons, Beefeater Grill publishes nutritional information for just about every dish on the menu.

Along with Beefeater Grill, Whitbread plc manages restaurant chains Brewers Fayre, Costa Coffee, Premier Inn, Table Table, Taybarns, and Touchbase. The parent company often cross-promotes brands by combining product offerings, such as making Costa Coffee beverages available in many Beefeater Grill locations. On the London Stock Exchange, Whitbread trades under the initials, WTB. With Beefeater Grill and other subsidiaries, the leisure and hospitality company produces more than £1.7 billion in annual revenue.

Minimum age to work at Beefeater Grill: 16

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