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In recent years, Barratts mounted several initiatives to spur further growth of the brand across the U.K. In order to meet the demands of the plans set forth, Barratts needs to hire for a variety of positions in customer service, management, distribution, and various corporate capacities. The most readily accessible employment opportunities through Barratts include part-time, entry-level jobs. Applicants must meet the minimum hiring age of 16. Some positions may require applicants to stand at least 18 years old. Effective communication skills and willingness to work varied schedules at start typically benefit prospective associates during the Barratts hiring process. Additional hiring requirements vary by specific position and location.

Barratts Job Titles and Salary Information
Retail industry job seekers should take advantage of available employment opportunities with Barratts. The U.K. shoe retailer conducts hiring on a regular basis using a straightforward interview process. Applicants generally participate in face-to-face interview with Barratts hiring managers to discuss previous employment, professional motives, and availability. Phone interviews and group interviews may prove necessary, depending on position and location. Barratts shoe stores need to fill the following jobs:

Sales Assistant – General fashion knowledge and customer service skills play major roles in finding work as Barratts sales assistants. An entry-level position, sales assistant jobs require no formal experience for employment consideration. However, applicants with a background in the fashion industry or in retail may receive additional consideration from Barratts hiring managers. The retail chain tends to hire well-groomed and fashionable individuals who exude friendly, attentive, and energetic personalities. Typical job duties include assisting customers in sales, providing access to fitting rooms, organizing merchandise on display, ringing up purchases, and handling returns. Barratts sales assistant jobs yield between minimum wage and £6.00 per hour at start.

Management – Barratts employment hunters may access available jobs online. Workers must email human resources representatives to inquire about positions available. While entry-level applicants may fill out job applications in-store, career seekers must contact Barratts representatives directly to receive hiring consideration. During the hiring and application process, professionals vying for managerial roles must provide detailed information regarding experience working in the fashion industry, previous training or managerial positions held, availability, and general personal information, such as hobbies, interests, and schooling. Applicants may need to meet certain academic requirements for employment consideration, as well. Typical job duties for Barratts managers include a variety of maintenance, supervisory, and administrative tasks, including monitoring and ordering inventories, processing payroll, hiring and training new associates, driving and analysing sales, and minimising profit losses. Starting pay for entry-level managers with Barratts begins around £8.00 or £9.00 an hour, while experienced managerial associates may earn as much as £35,000 to £45,000 in annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Barratts
Barratts jobs provide excellent exposure to the fast-paced fashion retail industry. Upon hire, workers engage in supportive and rewarding job settings featuring paid training opportunities, career development programmes, and competitive pay scales. Barratts jobs also provide qualified associates access to employment benefits packages.

Qualifications for Barratts job benefits often vary by position. Workers in full-time, managerial jobs typically stand eligible for a majority of available employee benefits. Specific work benefits available include healthcare options, pension schemes, bonus schemes, and childcare vouchers. Paid holiday and sick leave also remain available to qualified Barratts workers. Review the online application for more details on Barratts job perks now.

More Information
Established in the early 1900s, Barratts operates as one of the oldest shoe store chains in the United Kingdom. Advances in industrialization and assembly eventually led to the widespread popularity and accessibility of the brand name. Since moving into a massive assembly facility in Northampton, England, UK, in 1913, Barratts experienced rampant growth and manages around 100 locations across the country. Approximately 4,000 entry-level associates and experienced professionals work for the shoe retailer in various capacities.

Shoes and shoe accessories mark the most prominent items available at Barratts stores. Marketed toward women, Barratts shoes come in both classic and contemporary styles. Product lines range from casual to formal. In addition to shoes for women, Barratts sells styles and lines geared toward men and children. Barratts also sells lingerie, household appliances, sports apparel, and designer fashions. Many Barratts locations include bridal sections in-store. The stylish, conventional, and diverse product, fashion, and merchandise lines available at Barratts stores serve as primary reasons for the continued popularity of the brand throughout the United Kingdom. A High Street brand, Barratts locations typically sit in heavily trafficked and densely populated areas marked by well-known commercial districts and shopping centres. Online shopping capabilities also increase the size and scope of the brand to shoppers across the U.K. and overseas.

Founded in 1903, Barratts began as Barratt Boot and Shoe Company. Substantial growth of the brand led to the necessity to move into larger facilities. In 1913, Barratts moved into a large and now infamous factory in Northampton, England, UK. The shoe retailer later merged with competing Priceless Shoes under Barratts Priceless Ltd. The company remains prominent throughout the United Kingdom and operates under the corporate title Barratts Trading Limited. Roughly 100 stores fall under the Barratts brand name countrywide.

Products and Services
The U.K. retail chain sells a wide array of products. Predominantly a shoe retailer, Barratts also sells clothing, electronics, furniture, and appliances out of High Street retail stores, as well as gift items and sporting apparel. Clothing, shoe, and apparel lines include styles and sizes for men, women, and children. Customers may shop for Barratts products in-store or online through the company website. Barrats maintains operations in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

A private company, Barratts falls under ownership of Barratts Trading Limited. Priceless Shoes also falls under the Barratts Trading Limited banner. Combined, Barratts Trading Limited brands generate millions of pounds in annual revenues. Headquarters for the retail company reside in Bradford, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at Barratts: 16

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