Barclays Salary Chart & Pay Information

Barclays Salary Information for Popular Positions

Upon successfully completing the hiring process with the retail banking chain, Barclays applicants gain access to lucrative hourly pay rates and annual salary options. A typical Barclays employee earns well above the national minimum wage. The following chart outlines pay expectations for popular entry-level jobs and professional careers with Barclays.

On average, how much money do Barclays employees make?

PositionHourly Pay RateAnnual Salary
Customer Advisor£8.00£15,250
Personal Banker£11.00£21,500
Bank Manager£25.00£52,000

Pay scales fluctuate by Barclays job title and bank location. Work schedule (number of hours per week) also affects earnings. Contact Barclays hiring personnel for more accurate salary expectations.

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