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Barclays Job Interview Help – Tips for Interview Preparation

Public, multinational banking company Barclays conducts regular hiring for jobs available throughout a network of more than 4,750 branches. Applicants may submit required hiring materials online or in-person. After receiving submissions, Barclays representatives review the applicant information and contact the most eligible candidates by phone to schedule job interviews. Barclays often uses the initial contact phase to conduct impromptu phone interviews to gauge salary expectations and general background information. A series of interviews with as many as six representatives follows. Most Barclays job seekers participate in at least three interviews during the hiring process, in addition to initial phone interviews. Applicants may expect to wait as long as a month between the initial phone interview and on-site interviews. Most Barclays interviews last for upwards of 30 minutes each. From beginning to end, the Barclays hiring process often spans a couple of weeks and up to three months.

During the Barclays hiring process, various representatives screen candidates using behavioral and situational interview questions. Common Barclays interview questions include: “Why do you want to work in the banking industry?”, “Can you describe your previous jobs?”, and “Why should we consider you for the position?”. Barclays interview questions also focus on industry-specific topics, like interest rates, bonds, investments, and capital gains. Applicants with experience and formal education in banking, economics, and finance typically perform well during Barclays interviews. Applicants should demonstrate knowledge of the banking industry in general and Barclays services and company history specifically. Dress in professional attire and address each representative in a formal and courteous manner. Enunciate clearly when speaking and maintain proper posture at all times. Shake hands with Barclays representatives prior to and after each interview session. Demonstrating a professional demeanor throughout the hiring process generally proves highly advantageous.

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