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Big banks like Bank of Scotland continually need to hire motivated workers to fill part-time and full-time positions. Applicants in search of U.K. banking jobs should fill out an online application for Bank of Scotland now. The major, U.K. banking chain regularly conducts hiring using phone, one-on-one, group, and panel interviews to screen for the most eligible candidates. Entry-level applicants typically need to possess the ability to pass criminal background and medical screenings and up to a year of banking experience for employment consideration. Some professional jobs require extensive experience and accredited degrees. Contact a local Bank of Scotland branch or complete an online job application to receive more information on available employment opportunities.

Available Bank of Scotland Job Opportunities and Salary Info
Banks generally require applicants to meet the minimum hiring age of 18 for employment consideration regardless of position desired. Individuals in search of part-time or full-time careers with Bank of Scotland must successfully meet all criteria during the hiring process in order to receive a job offer. The process generally takes between two and four weeks, with some applicants reporting the process lasting in as long as eight weeks. Bank of Scotland jobs regularly for hire include:

Customer Sales & Service – Bank of Scotland screens for courteous, outgoing, and professional workers during the hiring process. Applicants must possess a working knowledge of financing, lending, and banking regulations. Customer sales & service employees with Bank of Scotland work directly with customers. Primary job duties include opening checking and savings accounts, providing detailed information regarding lending laws, interest rates, and market stability, establishing credit limits, and assisting in business financial planning. Additional hiring requirements include formal education in a field related to banking, business, or financing. Some branch locations may require previous experience in the banking industry, as well. Bank of Scotland customer sales & service associates generally earn between £15,000 and £20,000 in annual salary.

Financial Adviser – In order to assume Bank of Scotland financial adviser positions, applicants must possess CeFA, FCP, CFP, CeFAP qualifications, DipFA, DipFP, DipRFP, CIOBS DIP certifications, or six GCSE academic equivalents in addition to at least two years of experience in customer service or banking. Strong memorization skills and approachable, friendly, and courteous personalities serve Bank of Scotland candidates well during the hiring and interview process. Financial advisers work in Bank of Scotland branch locations and provide professional advisement on lending, financing, refinancing, and market performance. The average annual salary for Bank of Scotland financial advisers starts out at £23,000, in most cases. Experienced and tenured financial adviser employees may earn as much as £35,000 in yearly pay.

Branch Management – Bank of Scotland branch managers take responsibility for the individual success of the assumed location. Branch managers work to increase sales and brand awareness, motivated entry-level and mid-level employees, set sales and operations goals, and create comfortable work environments conducive to growth and production. Managerial positions available involve a great deal of interpersonal communication and administrative job duties. Applicants may find work as assistant managers, programme managers, and branch managers. Hiring requirements include the same necessary certifications and academic equivalents outlined for financial adviser positions as well as up to five years of previous experience. Bank of Scotland hires assistant managers on at £42,000 per year. Programme managers may earn as much as £110,000 a year, depending on project appointment and time spent with the company. Bank of Scotland branch managers typical pull in annual salary options between £70,000 and £95,000.

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Benefits of Working at Bank of Scotland
The international banking chain believes employees represent a fundamental element to success and provide outstanding work benefits to associates. Bank of Scotland divides employee benefits available into Cash Rewards and Benefits. Cash Rewards include salary, bonuses, allowances, and monetary incentives. Bank of Scotland disburses employee Cash Rewards based on performance. Associates receive regular reviews, which determine eligibility of raises, bonuses, incentives, and allowances.

Bank of Scotland also provides access to healthcare options, health and wellness programmes, training and development opportunities, and paid holiday. Featured job benefits include free BUPA online health assessments, flexible work schedules, flexible spending accounts, company-contributed pension schemes, private medical care, and investment schemes. Apply online for more details on Bank of Scotland employment benefits now.

More Information
One of the oldest banking institutions in the world, Bank of Scotland offers personal and online banking to customers in 40 countries worldwide. The banking entity came about as a result of an act of the Parliament of Scotland in the late 1600s. Around 300 Bank of Scotland branches operate in the United Kingdom and globally. The company employs a sizeable workforce of roughly 20,000 associates.

Bank of Scotland maintains business through years of proven service. Customers may access personal and commercial banking services through conveniently located cash machines, bank branches, and online banking services. Bank of Scotland provides close assistance to customers interested in refinancing, taking loans, or securing personal finances for the future. The banking company advertises through radio and television in addition to print advertisements, which attract thousands of patrons annually.

An act of Parliament of Scotland established Bank of Scotland in 1695. Bank of Scotland entered into prolific competition in the 1700s with The Royal Bank of Scotland, which began in response to suspected party affiliation of Bank of Scotland. The banking feud led to the eventual expansion of Bank of Scotland throughout the country and into England. The first Bank of Scotland location in England opened in London in 1865. During the 1900s, Bank of Scotland merged with several competing banks and acquired several more. Among the banks include Union Bank of Scotland and British Linen Bank. In the 1970s, Bank of Scotland went international with an office in Houston, TX, USA. Australian operations followed soon after. An Act of Parliament called the HBOS Group Reorganisation Act 2006 restructured the holding company of Bank of Scotland. Two years later, The Lloyd Group bought out HBOS Group to assume full proprietorship of the bank.

Products & Services
List of services provided by Bank of Scotland lenders and branches include savings accounts, student bank accounts, classic accounts, travel assistance, share dealing, insurance, mortgage assistance, loans, and credit. Bank of Scotland also assists customers with financial investing. Patrons may access Bank of Scotland services at any of the many branches located throughout the world or sign online to review products and service through the company website. Bank of Scotland also provides mobile banking access through many modern versions of the smart phone.

Established by the Scottish government, Bank of Scotland operated as an independent company for nearly two centuries. During the Scottish Bank Wars of the mid-1700s and 1800s, Bank of Scotland branched out and began merger with other businesses. Bank of Scotland fell under proprietorship of HBOS Group from 2001 until 2008 when Lloyd TSB Group acquired Bank of Scotland through a buyout. In addition to Bank of Scotland, Lloyd TSB Group manages Lloyds Bank plc and TSB Bank plc. Annual turnover reaches in excess of £23 billion. Lloyd TSB Group trades as a public limited company on the NYSE and London Stock Exchange as LYG and LLOY respectively. Bank of Scotland maintains corporate offices in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Lloyd TSB Group headquarters sit in London, England, UK.

Minimum age to work Bank of Scotland: 18

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