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Strictly a European airline, BA CityFlyer operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of British Airlines. The subsidiary largely bases operations out of the London City Airport and supports flights to about 26 nearby European cities. Other bases include Edinburgh and Manchester. With a fleet size totaling about 17 planes, the airline continues as a favourite company used by millions each year. As a result, hundreds of job openings persist for individuals interested in airline industry work.

BA CityFlyer Positions and Pay Information
Opportunities accessible aboard flights require applicants to possess valid passports as well as math and English education certificates. A five-year work history must accompany applications, as well. Should any gap of employment persist, labourer job histories and the names and addresses of gap referees must replace the lack of employment information. The following list represents typical job openings available to qualified applicants:

Cabin Crew – Cabin crew members must meet the age of 18, stand at least 1.58 metres in height, and remain available to report for work within 90 minutes of call-outs. Average duties during flights revolve around passenger care. Public interaction skills remain among the most attractive qualities candidates should exude to gain employment. Cabin crew members carry out onboard sales transactions, promote in-flight services, and assist guests with difficulties and requests. Knowledge of safety procedures remains a pivotal responsibility consistently iterated through extensive and ongoing training. During flight turnovers, cabin crew must clean and ready cabins for new guest arrivals. Cabin crew members earn about £13,000 per year, and may earn additional compensation perks depending on time and locations of flights.

Crew Controller – Usually restricted to applicants with backgrounds in airline management, crew controller jobs involve creating crew schedules and coordinating training procedures for new and existing employees. Maintaining extensive knowledge of safety and legal protocols, constructing weekly reports, and employing cost-effective strategies comprise additional responsibilities for the management position. Controllers generally earn around £25,000 yearly and enjoy potential bonuses and additional compensation perks.

BA City Flyer Work Benefits
Workers receive similar job benefits to the perks earned by British Airways employees. In addition to competitive salary options, airline associates may earn bonuses, pension schemes, life insurance, and income protection. Discounted travel tickets become available for employees choosing to stay with the company for extended amounts of time along with access to cargo concession after six months of consecutive employment. Airline ticket discounts remain available for labourer friends and families, as well. Current employees report great schedule flexibility. Fringe job benefits include discounted rates from associated businesses, such as restaurants, taxis, and lodging services.

More Information
Fruitful entry-level jobs as well as long-term career opportunities remain prominent for motivated job seekers. BA CityFlyer positions available include grounded operations, in-plane, and corporate positions. The popularity of the airline suggests job seekers hoping for long-term employment may find profitable openings with plenty of room for advancement as the company grows and continues to add destination cities. Airline companies regularly subject workers to fast-paced environments and expect associates to thrive under pressure. The ability to react under pressure and in all-weather conditions often serves as a formal requirement for employment.

Official applications remain online only and possess specific requirements to make for an extensive process. Once applied, successful candidates should expect to participate in interviews within a few weeks. Job hunters may only apply once every 12-month period. Select labourers may expect feedback by way of email for interview consideration. Highly variable shift hours and work during holidays constitute typical schedules for new hires. More desirable hours become available with tenure.

Internationally recognized British Airways stands as one of the top airlines in the country. Operating since 1972, the company boasts a long history of acquisitions and mergers contributing to a multi-billion pound operation. A part of the rich history of British Airways, BA CityFlyer began operations in March 2007. As of June 2015, the subsidiary competes as the largest operator within the London City Airport. Corporate headquarters reside in Manchester, UK.

BA CityFlyer services remain associated with commercial transportation. Passengers requiring civil flights may purchase tickets for travel to U.K. domestic destinations as well as many locations across the channel. Passengers may choose from tiered class tickets, which provide placement in either economy or business classes. In-flight services include various refreshment offerings, entertainment features, and luggage storage options. The company also offers freight transportation for companies in need of long-distance cargo shipping.

The contributing subsidiary aids in the British Airlines annual turnover of more than £11 billion. With around 300 aircraft, British Airways provides employment for more than 40,000 total associates. The company continues to grow, as more than 40 million customers enjoy the transportation services each year.

Minimum age to work at BA CityFlyer: 18

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