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A prominent hospitality company specializing in luxurious accommodations, Apex Hotels offers modern and contemporary lodging in upscale atmospheres. The popular chain operates around nine locations in the United Kingdom, with company properties primarily situated in the major cities of London, Dundee, and Edinburgh. Despite a mostly metropolitan presence, job seekers from areas throughout the European nation may find viable employment opportunities featuring both fixed-term and permanent placement positions.

Apex Hotel Positions and Pay Scales
In the U.K., entry-level fixed-term positions often carry minimum age requirements beginning at 16. Applicants in search of work in management or highly specialised roles regularly need to stand 18 or older and possess A-Level educations. Upon hire, Apex Hotels provides in-depth training programmes and offers permanent job seekers access to ongoing development opportunities. Hotel-industry labourers may take interest in the following positions:

Room Attendant – Charged with cleaning, organising, and restocking guest rooms, the position of room attendant provides both fixed-term and permanent job placement. Workers may also find secondment room attendant opportunities. The average room attendant assumes highly irregular schedules at start and may move into consistent hours over time. Applicants must possess the ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays in addition to day shifts, as 24-hour operations require extreme flexibility in scheduling. Primary duties include sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, dusting, changing out linens, and replenishing complimentary toiletry items and coffee/tea supplies. Pay scales generally top out around £8.00 an hour, with new-hires earning minimum wage.

Receptionist – Labourers who enjoy working with the general public often find meaningful employment as receptionists. Assigned to hotel front desks, receptionists reserve rooms, process payments, log sales, explain amenities and surrounding areas, issue room keys, and provide guest services. Cheerful, positive, and outgoing individuals typically represent ideal candidates. Experience using computers and the ability to complete basic math problems also benefit prospective receptionist associates. Apex Hotels requires receptionists to wear professional attire and practice excellent personal hygiene at all times. Available as fixed-term or permanent roles, receptionist jobs pay around £8.00 at start, with promotion into receptionist manager roles featuring salary options in excess of £40,000 a year.

Apex Hotels Work Benefits
Once associates complete initial 12-week training periods, the hotel issues the labourers special cards called FLOW cards, which accrue points achieved from reports of excellent service by guests, coworkers, and superiors. Workers may redeem the points for discounts on accommodations and services, such as free stays and discounted or complimentary meals at in-house restaurants. Current employees also receive first notice of vacancies at other locations and available promotions. Qualified associates regularly enjoy pension schemes, medical coverage, and paid holiday, as well. Employment benefits scheme eligibility often varies by location and job title.

More Information

The upkeep necessary to create renowned accommodations and expectations of exemplary customer service require massive staffs of employees. Unlike chains boasting hundreds of locations, Apex Hotels truly focuses operations on outstanding amenities and beautiful decorative themes. Sights include breathtaking views of scenic landscapes or historic portions of major cities, with hotel grounds offering lavish gardens and both modern and traditional architecture. Guests enjoy world-class in-house restaurants, club lounges, and close proximity to popular travel destinations in addition to contemporary amenities found in most hotels worldwide. Applicants may find jobs in the various aspects of operations ranging from housekeeping and grounds keeping to work in concierge, front desk services, and the culinary arts.

To gain hiring consideration, aspiring employees must embody the epitome of professionalism and excellence. Attitude and personality generally outweigh experience for desired roles; however, applicants able to demonstrate previous and related backgrounds as well as accommodating and motivated personalities usually receive preferential treatment for hiring. Workers familiar with the areas surrounding each property, including the histories and traditions of the locales, also receive favor from employment personnel.

The first Apex Hotels locations opened in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1996. A renovated local university building, the original Edinburgh location enjoyed massive success, which led to the opening of another Edinburgh hotel the following year. Hotel operations continued to grow in popularity and saw the addition of new locations in Scotland throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. In 2005, the chain opened the first location outside of the Northern U.K. country in London, England.

Aside from inspiring and scenic surroundings, the prominent U.K. hotel chain offers guests world-class room service, in-house bars and restaurants, and valet services. Each property features large conference rooms and meeting areas for business. Individual hotel rooms come equipped with mini-bars, satellite TV, free WiFi, ironing boards, fridges, and coffee/tea stations. Apex Hotels also provides catering services and ballroom rental spaces for weddings and other large gatherings.

Family-owned Apex Hotels maintains private operations. The widely successful hotel company generates more than £56 million in annual turnover. Increased expansion saw the rise in annual profits in recent years, with around £9.5 million pulled in based on sales alone. Company corporate offices rest in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Minimum age to work at Apex Hotels: 16

Official Site: www.apexhotels.co.uk/en/careers/

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