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With hundreds of stores around the country, British job seekers should consider employment with Aldi. The discount supermarket chain frequently offers open positions in current stores and new locations opening up. Aldi features both part-time and full-time work opportunities, many for entry-level job applicants. However, Aldi features career opportunities for professionally minded individuals, as well. Aldi stores workers must be over the age of 18 to work for the company.

Aldi Job Titles and Salary Information
Aldi candidates may apply online for jobs with the supermarket chain. The Aldi job application features a detailed description of duties, requirements, and skills. Applicants must create an account with the company to apply for jobs in the UK. The account asks for an applicant’s name, address, contact information, and education. The most important section of the Aldi online application form includes job history, professional references, and availability. Some common positions prospective workers may apply online for include:

Store Assistant – Aldi store assistants provide unique and dedicated service to shoppers every day. Assistants help customers find a certain product, rearrange and organize store shelves, and help fill and stock out Aldi’s sale floor. New applicants may undergo full training from store representatives. To qualify for a store assistant job, Aldi applicants must work at least 15 hours per week. Starting pay for employees rest around £8.00 an hour, but may raise to around £9.00 per hour.

Assistant Store Manager – Between Aldi store assistants and store managers, assistant managers act as liaisons and leaders among employees. Assistant managers often spend time on the sales floor, enforcing all store policies and procedures. Customer service acumen and conflict resolution skills may be some of the most important abilities for successful assistant managers. Candidates for the position mainly come from the current workforce, many looking for growth with the company. All assistant managers undergo job training, which includes topics like employee disciplinary action, customer service interaction, and administrative office duties. Starting salaries for Aldi assistant managers rest around £23,000 a year, though the figure may increase to £30,000 annually after training.

Store Manager – Responsible for every aspect of the store, Aldi managers frequently juggle multiple projects at once. Store managers perform several office duties including various paperwork, such as scheduling, payroll, profit monitoring, and employee/customer relations. By searching through applications, contacting individuals, and conducting interviews, store managers constantly hire new workers for open positions. Like many advanced store positions, Aldi selects current employees for managerial opportunities. Company-sponsored training programs help recruits learn the skills necessary for successfully managing an Aldi store. Salary figures for Aldi managers typically range from £33,000 to as high as £46,000 annually.

Benefits of Working at Aldi
Aldi retail stores offer more than just a job for first-time employees and experienced professionals. The company offers British workers several enticing job benefits. Rewards packages from Aldi include medical insurance, financial stability, leisure time, discounts, and several smaller, complimentary pieces. Availability for Aldi employee benefits largely rely on job title and employment status. Fortunately, the company provides easy access toward information on available work benefits from Aldi.

Aldi employees may receive affordable medical care through Aldi health plans. Standard coverage options may apply to dental, vision, and even prescription drug services. Disability coverage from Aldi includes both short-term and long-term situations. Financial benefits from the international retailer include savings accounts, discounts on merchandise, company credit unions, and even paid time off. Store assistants receive 24 paid holiday time throughout the year. Managers and assistant managers receive 4 and 5 weeks of paid vacation time, respectively. Additionally, advanced positions with Aldi may enroll in a pension plan after a required time of service with the company.

More Information
Privately owned retailer Aldi operates over 9,000 discount supermarkets across the world. Based out of Germany, Aldi maintains operations throughout the United Kingdom. English residents may find Aldi stores across the country, from suburban and rural neighborhoods to major urban centers. The company continues to open new stores throughout Britain frequently.

Aldi operates in a similar capacity as other supermarket chains. However, Aldi distinguishes themselves through competitive low prices on products. Shoppers may purchase a variety of grocery items, including food, beverages, cleaning products, and other non-food merchandise. Aldi stores include both perishable and non-perishable foods, including canned vegetables, milk and dairy items, meat and poultry, boxed dinners, health and beauty products, and even pet food. Aldi stores feature a simple and convenient design to make the shopping experience easier.

German couple Karl and Theo Albrecht created the precursor to Aldi in the early 20th Century. Starting as small grocery store and bakery, service started expanding throughout the next 30 years. The company officially became Aldi in 1946, after Albrecht finished his World War II service. The name “Aldi” is a shortened version of the company’s original title, Albrecht-Discount. Aldi finally began expanding internationally in the late-1960s, with shops in neighboring Austria. Despite the close proximity to Germany, Aldi didn’t begin operations in Great Britain until 1989. Today, more than 400 locations operate throughout the country.

Aldi provides hundreds of thousands of common grocery store items at discount prices. By reducing costs to the lowest legal figure possible, Aldi boasts substantial savings for everyday shoppers. The layout for most Aldi stores include departments for fresh bakery items, frozen foods, health and beauty products, baby food, dairy items, and non-food merchandise such as cleaning products. The national retailer carries dozens of exclusive product lines, such as Specially Selected, Everyday Essentials, and several Fairtrade Products.

Aldi supermarkets remain a privately owned retailer. In 1960, the Albrecht brothers essentially split the company, creating Aldi Nord in the northern half of Germany, and Aldi Sud in the south. However, both brands help contribute over €53 billion in annual revenue. Apart from the UK, Aldi maintains international operations in countries like Australia, France, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. Corporate headquarters for Aldi Nord reside in Essen, while Aldi Sud maintains corporate offices in Mulheim an der Ruhr.

Minimum age to work Aldi: 16

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