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AirTanker operates as a leading air-to-air jet refueling charter service. Founded in 2007, the premier British company maintains a fleet of 10 aircraft. Worldwide, the airline flies to more than 50 destinations and employs close to 500 associates. Close ties with the Royal Air Force, or RAF, create unique opportunities for job seekers to find work in a variety of fields, including contract-to-hire positions within the Ministry of Defense in addition to traditional careers in aviation and aeronautics.

AirTanker Jobs and Wages Information
Civilians and military members alike readily find work in aviation, business, or support-service capacities. Most of the aviation-related employment opportunities reside within the Voyager Programme, which features the company fleet of aircraft specialising in cargo and passenger transport as well as air-to-air refueling. The private organisation sets the minimum age for employment consideration at 18. Entry-level job seekers and careers professionals may take interest in the following positions:

Cabin Crew Instructor – Key tasks for cabin crew instructors include making sure aircraft and flight crew remain compliant with company and federal standards at all times. Most daily responsibilities require excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and proven problem-solving abilities. Workers must hold at least two years of experience as former crew members, with formal training within the previous three years. Applicants must also hold SC-level security clearances. Use of computers to perform job duties require employment hopefuls to demonstrate proficiency using Microsoft Office programmes. Cabin crew instructors often make between £14.00 and £16.00 hourly and historically work full-time.

Aviation Services Officer – Directly responsible for ground operations, aviation services officers assess services and maintain records. Typical responsibilities include performing equipment audits and ensuring airports possess adequate security staffs and protocols. Workers then report inconsistencies or grievances to the appropriate supervisors. The position requires regular international travel, as aviation services officers often ride aboard aircraft from one destination to another to perform audits and surveys. A permanent role within the company, the job title remains predominantly full-time and requires up-to-date knowledge of airport security measures, aeronautics equipment handling, and general aviation procedure for employment consideration. Flexible thinking, experience using computers, and the ability to work independently remain highly sought-after in applicants. Base salary options begin at £40,000 a year.

AirTanker Job Benefits
Ongoing and intensive training headline available job benefits schemes. Employee welfare also ranks as a top priority with the British civil-air corporation. Extended leaves of absence, company-sponsored emergency services, and government healthcare options remain available to both current and former associates. Group personal pension schemes and other retirement programmes stand readily accessible, as well. Some work benefits may extend to family members and dependents.

More Information
The British aviation company primarily looks to hire individuals with military or civil aviation backgrounds, as a majority of jobs available include piloting, engineering, or flight operations responsibilities. Most career opportunities require formal training in specific disciplines, as well. However, applicants in search of entry-level careers may find viable employment as part of AirTanker support services, which impose fewer restrictions on experience and remain ideal for individuals with work histories in business or customer service.

Work settings often reflect the military ties the company holds with the Royal Air Force. New-hires take part in intensive training programmes and undergo ongoing development to ensure excellent performance on the job. Workers participate in mandatory courses on historic battlefields, aboard military aircraft, and in the presence of military officers in order to acclimate to company policies and procedures as well as the history of the U.K. Armed Forces. Teamwork and collaboration across disciplines represent common aspects of daily life with the British corporation. Employees must also adapt to varying schedules and potentially all-weather conditions for hiring consideration.

The concept for AirTanker formalised in 2007 and came to fruition a year later when the Royal Air Force signed a joint-venture agreement with the aeronautics firm to provide air-to-air refueling and transport services for the military. After years of planning, services officially commenced in January 2013 with a lone charter flight under the command of the Ministry of Defense. Operations expanded soon after to include the first aerial refueling in company history in May 2013.

AirTanker primarily specialises in air-to-air refueling and transportation services. The company fleet consists almost exclusively of the massive Airbus Voyager model aircraft, which boast more than 45,000kg of cargo space and built-in wing fueling pods used to refuel other airplanes in flight. Other services provided include ground operations support, including facility inspection, security reinforcement, and procedural auditing.

Financially, AirTanker falls under the proprietorship of several prominent companies. Chief operators include Cobham plc, European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), Rolls-Royce, Thales Group, and VT Group plc. Collectively, the principle owners generate billions of pounds in annual revenues. Other monies used to fund the British airline come from government contracts and private donors.

Minimum age to work at AirTanker: 18


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